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Detroit Muslims’ Charity Largely Unnoticed As Anti-Islam Sentiment Rages

Detroit Muslims' charity evokes further verbal attacks.

While anti-Islam sentiment grows with the terror attacks in Paris, leading to the bombing of mosques and an influx of anti-Muslim cartoons in Detroit, Muslims’ charity and generosity has gone virtually without mention, except, perhaps, by those residents thanking their neighbors for keeping their water running. Two Muslim groups in Detroit have combined efforts to… Read more »

Howard Dean: Calling Paris Shooters ‘Muslim Terrorists’ Is Wrong

Howard Dean Speaks In Defense Of Islam

Vermont Democrat Howard Dean appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday with a message for anyone who dares call the Paris shooters that attacked satire magazine Charlie Hebdo “Muslim terrorists.” “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists,” he said. “They’re about as Muslim as I am.” In comments that are sure to make waves around the… Read more »

Man Suspected Of Vandalizing Islamic Cultural Center: Hate Crime?

Hate Crime Involving Vandalism?

The family of a man suspected of vandalizing an Islamic cultural center are claiming that the alleged actions were taken as a result of a medical condition, and was not an actual hate crime. Asif Mohammad Khan, a 28-year-old California man, has been accused of committing vandalism on the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno. The… Read more »

Israel Left Off Map Used By Children In Middle East

Middle East map excluding Israel.

One of the world’s biggest publishing houses, HarperCollins, has published a map used by children in the Middle East that omits the entire nation of Israel. According to the Tablet, an atlas distributed in English-speaking schools within the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East fails to label Israel. The West Bank is labelled clearly… Read more »

High School Vocabulary Lesson Referencing Islam Has NC Town In Uproar

This lesson referencing Islam was taught at a NC school.

A North Carolina town is in an uproar this week as parents fear that a high school vocabulary lesson referencing Islam was intended to push the religion on students. The assignment was attached to a World Literature course, in which lessons are connected to different cultures. Now, the local police are even being accused of… Read more »

Muslim Scholar’s Tweets Causes A Stir In Saudi Arabia

Muslim leader sparks controversy when he says women are not required to cover their faces in public.

Saudi cleric caused a stir and received death threats after posting comments about women’s veils on Twitter. Muslim scholar Ahmad Aziz Al Ghamdi was recently asked by a woman if she had to wear the traditional face veil when sharing a picture of herself on social media. Being the former head of the Commission for… Read more »