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Controversial Ground Zero Mosque To Be Demolished Soon?

Ground Zero

The controversial “Ground Zero Mosque” located just two blocks away from the site of the September 11, 2011 attacks might soon be demolished. According to a Reuters report, the New York City real estate developer who owns the building that houses an Islamic community center is planning to raze it down. The building known as… Read more »

Angola: Islam Is Not Banned, Says Rumors Meant To Cause Tension

Destroyed Mosque

Angola has not banned Islam, according to a spokesperson for the African nation’s embassy. Earlier in the week, reports surfaced that the government had barred the religion from the country. Reports said that Angola was declaring Islam illegal and shutting down all mosques. Rosa Cruz e Silva, Angola Minister of Culture, reportedly said that the… Read more »

Organized Treachery vs. Organized Hypocrisy: A 35-Year Study of Israel’s Dysfunctional Government [With Dr. Paul Eidelberg]

Bibi Netanyahu

There are few Israelis who are able to speak with more authority about Israel’s dysfunctional government than Dr. Paul Eidelberg. For more than three decades, Dr. Eidelberg has been “the voice of one crying in the wilderness,” imploring Israel’s leaders to draft the nation’s first Constitution and replace the current system of Proportional Representation with… Read more »

Islam, Jihad And Democracy: The Inquisitr Interviews Robert Spencer

The Ruins Of The WTC

Robert Spencer may be one of the most controversial men in America today. Since he published his first book on Islam in 2002, Spencer has been the nation’s leading voice on the danger the United States is facing from Islamic supremacy and Jihad. Much to the discomfort of those practitioners of Islam who would happily… Read more »

Surreal and Suicidal: Modern Western Histories of Islam

Islamic Conquest

Today, The Inquisitr presents another remarkable article by our friend and contributor, Raymond Ibrahim. As one of the leading Western authorities on al-Qaeda, Islam and Jihad, Raymond Ibrahim has been tracking the revival of Islamic supremacism for more than a decade. His well researched articles and searing interviews with The Inquisitr’s Wolff Bachner have exposed… Read more »

Pork Bullets: New Ammo Not Only Kills Muslims But Sends Them ‘To Hell’

Pork Bullets Guarantee Muslims Are Sent 'To Hell'

Pork bullets are the latest offering from an Idaho-based ammunition manufacturing company. Also called “Jihawg ammo,” the bullets are pork-infused and are aimed at a specific purpose, as the Dalton Gardens-based South Fork Industries website explains: “With Jihawg ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell. That should give… Read more »

Boston Marathon Bombings: Twitter Racists Play The Blame Game

Boston Marathon Explosions - Playing The Blame Game - Spectators 1

COMMENTARY | Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings brought out the best in humanity (as we discussed here) and also the worst. If you want to spend twenty minutes feeling sick to the pit of your stomach at humanity’s lowest instincts, a quick Twitter search is all you need. The blood had barely dried on the streets… Read more »

And The Most Popular Alternative Religion In The UK? Jedi It Is

Statistics published today revealed the fictional “Jedi” creed as the most popular alternative faith in Britain, after traditional, legally recognized religions.

Census statistics published today revealed the fictional “Jedi” creed as the most popular alternative faith in Britain after traditional, legally recognized religions. The extraordinary findings were released as part of the UK’s 2011 National Census — a statistical snapshot of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (Scotland excluded itself), which breaks down the numbers for everything… Read more »

Anti-US Protestor Dies Of Smoke Inhalation From Burning American Flags

Protester dies in anti-US demonstration

Protests against the United States and the anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims continue to variously die down and heat up overseas, but, if they’re going to keep it up, they might want to keep an ambulance on standby. One Pakistani protester actually died at one of these rallies, and media reports are saying that smoke… Read more »

Inquisitr Interviews Pamela Geller On Political Islam, Israel and Obama

Pamela Geller Speaks To Supporters

Two days ago, the United Sates Embassy in Cairo was attacked by an enraged mob that tore the American flag to shreds and raised the ancient black flag of Islamic conquest in its place. Yesterday, the American Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and three embassy staffers, were assassinated by fanatical killers. A rocket propelled… Read more »