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Thief Smuggles Pomeranian Puppy Out Of Pet Shop In His Pants [Video]

There are two ways to get your hands on a Pomeranian puppy. You could go to a pet store, pay about $1400, and take the dog home as your new pet. Or you can go to the pet store, stick the puppy down your pants, and sell it on the black market.

Police in New York are searching for a man who stole a Pomeranian puppy from a pet shop in Elmont. A CCTV camera that captured the theft, shows a man walking into the store and shoving the puppy down his pants.

Harsha Perera, the owner of the store, said:

“You can see it on the video, the puppy was trying to get out and he was shoving it back into his pants and then covered it with his shirt and walked out.”

Mr. Perera told Ninemsn that he is worried about the puppy’s well-being. According to the pet shop owner, Pomeranian puppies have very delicate needs.

Perera said:

“They are like babies. They have to be fed about three, four times a day.”

The Daily Mail reports that the puppy theft took place in early July and Perara believes that the thief has probably already sold the dog. Still, he’s offering $500 for any information that leads to an arrest.

Here’s a CCTV video of the puppy theft. (Scroll to the 5 minute mark to watch the actual crime.)