Jon Jones, Jose Aldo Throw Shade At Conor McGregor After His Painful Loss To Nate Diaz On UFC 196--Champ To Go Back To Featherweight Division?

Jon Jones, Jose Aldo Throw Shade At Conor McGregor After His Painful Loss To Nate Diaz On UFC 196–Champ To Go Back To Featherweight Division?

In the days leading up to UFC 196, Conor McGregor had much to say about his talent and skill. He was confident that he would destroy Nate Diaz in the PPV bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As it turns out, Diaz was the one who defeated McGregor, and according to Conor, that loss was heart-wrenching. Not everyone felt sorry for Conor, though. Jose Aldo and Jon Jones were quick to throw shade towards UFC featherweight champ.

A few days before UFC 196, McGregor stated that he was number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. He continued by saying, “Maybe Jon and ‘Mighty Mouse’ (Demetrious Johnson) is 10. That’s what I feel.” The ding obviously got to both Jon and Demetrius, and they took to Instagram after McGregor’s loss to Diaz to throw some shade his way.

So much for being 12345678&9

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Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo wasted no time to let his followers know on Twitter that he wanted a rematch with Conor McGregor. Minutes after he was knocked out by Diaz, Aldo took to Twitter to state that he wanted a rematch with the champ. Jose told Conor that his fairy tale is over, and he’d see him at UFC 200 fighting in the featherweight division.

Jose suffered a painful loss to McGregor at UFC 194–knocked out in an astonishing 13 seconds. Ever since his loss, Jose has asked for a rematch to avenge his loss. Now, Aldo claims that he doesn’t need a title bout — he just wants the chance to knock Conor out. Aldo has been pretty vocal about his legacy in the UFC and felt that he deserves an opportunity to avenge his loss. At the moment, UFC has not announced when they will schedule a rematch between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor.

Even though Conor suffered a painful loss last night, he said his career isn’t over, and he will learn from the experience. According to McGregor, he did well for the first seven minutes of the bout, MSN reported. McGregor claimed he panicked after a shift in energy, and he believes that Diaz capitalized on his lack of stamina.

“I went into panic mode. There was a shift in energy and he capitalized. Will it hurt? You’re damn right. It is a tough pill to swallow but you can either run from adversity or face it head on. I will take it on the chin. I will carry on and learn from it. I still feel UFC 200 is there for me. I’m not cut, I’m not hurt. I’m simply heartbroken and that’s it. I will pick myself up and we will figure it out in the morning. It was simply me fighting a heavier man. He can take a hell of a shot and remain in there. I took a shot, I went at it and I feel I was simply inefficient with my energy. Usually, I fight a man in my division and they crumble under my shots. His weight allowed him to take those shots.”

As for what’s next for Conor McGregor, it’s hard to speculate at this point. MMA Fighting stated that McGregor’s next fight appears to be in the featherweight division for a rematch against Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar. Apparently, when asked who he wanted to fight, Conor stated that Frankie is a great competitor and shows up for his fights. It seems there is some bad blood between Jose Aldo and McGregor — and Conor is trying to avoid a rematch with him.

Conor confirmed at the press conference after UFC 196 that he would make the cut down to featherweight again, although losing weight the healthy way is never easy. He explained that it involved intense workouts and a restricting eating plan, but he will do it because he makes his weight every single time.

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