Worst Valentine’s Day Stories: Can You Top These?

Valentine’s Day is now only days away, and the world is divided between those who are looking forward to a romantic experience with their loved one and those who hate the very thought of the day. Here are some of the worst Valentine’s Day stories around.

For those of you who are single or otherwise not looking forward to Valentine’s Day, these stories will hopefully make you realize that you are definitely not alone. And for those of you in a fantastic relationship, hopefully these stories will make you stop and have a moment of gratitude for your wonderful romantic life! Enjoy.

“It was our second date, and we were out to have a nice romantic dinner. Right before the food comes, some guy approaches the table and says ‘Who the f*** is this?’ Turns out, she didn’t tell me that she had a boyfriend (who had been sitting at the bar). I apologized to the guy and left her with the bill. However I went up to the bar and I will pay his tab.” Reddit User

“It was my first date with this guy, we went to dinner and we seemed to hit it off pretty well, so when he offered to head back to his place for a movie I accepted. We get to his place and I’m sitting on his couch when he says he needs to use the restroom. He disappears in his room for a few moments and then comes out wearing nothing but a pink bra and lace thong… he says ‘I’m not gay I just enjoy a nice pantie set.’… I have nothing against gays, bi’s or fetishes… but don’t spring it on me on the first date!” fitmiss

“First date with this guy. I didn’t finish my dish, he asked if I was done and he ate off my plate. It was awkward & weird.” theyf0undme

“Went out on a blind date with this girl for coffee. During that time, she let me know that she thought she had a learning disability, that she had fetal alcohol syndrome, that she desperately wanted somebody to take care of her and that she owed about $25,000 for several credit cards and unpaid bills. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.” cyrus_hunter

“Valentines Day 2011 was by far the worst: I found out I was being made redundant, then discovered I’d been locked out. My housemate was away on a mini-break with his girlfriend, of course, so I had to stay on my mum’s sofa. But only after she’d made me construct a set of drawers from Ikea.” Philip, as reported by Glamour Magazine

“I was on a date with some chick and while talking with her in the car, she stopped responding… and started snoring.” 360walkaway

“I bought myself flowers because I knew my BF at the time wouldn’t do it. Instead of thinking ‘I should try not to be a d****ebag all the time and maybe be a little more romantic,’ he got mad at me for wanting flowers in the first place.” RainbowPixieDust

“My boyfriend at the time had made reservations for lunch at a nice restaurant, but never came to pick me up. Two hours later he calls me to let me know he simply got distracted trying to memorize Die Antwoord lyrics and that it wasn’t a big deal because he had a back up plan. He then proceeded to take me to the grimiest IHOP in town and then go see Avatar for the 4th time.” amandalea71

“I work in a hotel that runs a Valentine’s offer: dinner and an overnight stay. I was newly single and wanted to be busy so I signed up to work. What wasn’t in the plan was having
 to wait the table where my ex was sitting — with his new girlfriend (who I didn’t know existed). Worse still, while they ate dessert, I had to scatter rose petals on all the beds and leave out massage-oil sets. I was literally prepping my ex to have sex with another woman. Fantastic.” Charlotte, as reported by Glamour Magazine

Which of these Valentine’s Day horror stories the worst? Do you have a story that could top any of these? Write your experience in the comments below.

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