Watch WWE Raw Live Online: See Streaming Video Of Daniel Bryan's Retirement Announcement

Watch ‘WWE Raw’ Live Online: See Streaming Video Of Daniel Bryan’s Retirement Announcement

Wrestling fans can watch WWE Raw live online and see Daniel Bryan explain his decision to retire from the WWE.

The superstar announced Monday on Twitter that he was forced to leave the ring due to unspecified medical reasons, which came after a long medical absence and rumors that he would be forced to leave the WWE.

Monday’s broadcast starts at 8 p.m. ET on the USA network, but it will also be available live online (links to streaming video can be found below).

Daniel Bryan’s retirement announcement still came as a shock to WWE fans, many of whom speculated that it could just be part of a storyline. But sources say that Bryan’s medical issues are indeed real and that his leaving is not kayfabe.

Fans who watch WWE Raw live online will get to find out more details, including whether Daniel Bryan will remain involved in any other aspect of WWE after his retirement.

Daniel Bryan had been removed from the WWE tour last year after suffering a concussion, but he continued to work by making appearances and participating in the reality show Total Divas. Bryan noted that he had been cleared by two doctors, SB Nation noted, including the neurologist for the Arizona Cardinals and the concussion specialists at UCLA.

Daniel Bryan would not be the first WWE star to retire at the top of his game. In 2014, CM Punk made the shocking decision to walk away from the WWE despite being one of its most popular stars. The wrestler, whose real name is Phil Brooks, left from a combination of friction with WWE brass and a series of injuries from his near-constant work.

CM Punk’s retirement had a big effect on Daniel Bryan, who said it pushed him to become the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. In the same interview, Bryan noted that the WWE had addressed his “lack of ambition.”

“WWE did these personality tests for guys they considered successful or who had good runs here in WWE,” he said (via the Independent). “They ask all these different weird questions. But, apparently it gives you an idea of some sort of personality. The lady who did the testing said I had the lowest ambition score she had ever seen… She asked, ‘How did you even get to where you are?’ I said, ‘I don’t know. It’s pretty much just because I love doing this.”

Fans who watch WWE Raw live online are likely to see a warm tribute to the WWE champion. The organization has already posted retrospectives on its website, including a list of Daniel Bryan’s most memorable matches of all time.

After Bryan’s announcement, tributes came pouring in from across the wrestling world, with many noting his strong work ethic and fantastic ring presence.

@WWEDanielBryan is without a doubt the best wrestler I’ve ever been in the ring with. He paved the way for guys like me,” wrote Johnny Gargano on Twitter. “Thank you.”

Fans who want to watch WWE Raw live online can click here for streaming video of Daniel Bryan’s retirement announcement. Wrestling fans in the U.K. can watch here.

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