#SuperBowlRaps — Jimmy Fallon Turns Viewers’ Lyrics Into Super Bowl Raps

#SuperBowlRaps was a hot topic in the lead-up to Sunday’s Super Bowl and has remained a Twitter favorite since then, just like many of the other hashtags that Jimmy Fallon has managed to send soaring over the years.

In this case, Fallon encouraged viewers to write their own Super Bowl-themed rap lyrics to be potentially read on the show. Even better, the chosen rap lyrics were performed by Jimmy Fallon’s in-house band, The Roots, with the lyrics laid down by the band’s singer Tariq.

As Rolling Stone reported, the first #SuperBowlRaps submission had Tariq performing lyrics which took poetic license to a new extreme.

“Who’s gonna win? A Bronco or a Panther?/Don’t ask me, I don’t know the anther.”

It seems that rhyming “Panthers” with “anthers” was a common ploy for would-be rap lyricists.

Imitating hotline billing by Drake was a crowd favorite, with arguably the best Drake-inspired lyrics involving chicken wings.

“I know when that doorbell rings, it’ll be the chicken wings / I know when that doorbell rings, it’ll be the chicken wings.”

Watch the full video below to see the #SuperBowlRaps that were chosen to be performed on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

This was only a small selection of the #SuperBowlRaps that were submitted, so here are the top funny and clever #SuperBowlRaps submissions, with everyone from R. Kelly, Drake, Eminem, and Silento being good-naturedly sampled.

“The NFL’s got a female coach/It’s like we’re living a dream, but come on did y’all have to put her on the worst team? #SuperBowlRaps” — Full Frontal

“As I walk through the party eating all of the food / I take a look at myself and realize I shouldn’t have ate that barbecue. #SuperBowlRaps” — Dylan Langley

“Watch me dip, this chip in queso. Watch me dip my chip in guac and queaso. #SuperBowlRaps” — Tim Drake

“Hangin’ with my friends watching football on TV / but that bowl of guacamole’s the only Super Bowl I see. #SuperBowlRaps” — haley hicks

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took a hit in several of the viewers’ submissions.

“Waiting for commercials, when will they be on? / I’m seeing Peyton Manning, but he’s not with Papa John. #SuperBowlRaps” — Matt Izzo

“Hi! My name is (what?) My name is (who?) My name is… No really, I have a concussion. What’s my name? #SuperBowlRaps” — Tim Drake

“Come to my party, it’s gonna fab. We’ll watch football, commercials, and Cam Newton dab. #SuperBowlRaps @jimmyfallon @CameronNewton” — Cory Breth

“@jimmyfallon we’re not here to start no trouble. We’re just here to do the super bowl shuffle. Wait. #SuperBowlRaps” — Sarahjane

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[Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]