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Yahoo to close Facebook competitor. Yahoo had a Facebook competitor?


Yahoo has announced that it will be shutting Yahoo Mash, a little known Facebook competitor which apparently launched last year.

According to Mashable, users of Mash were sent a notice saying that the service would shut September 29. From what I can gather trying to login to the site, Mash never left closed invite only beta, which probably didn’t help things in a hyper competitive space.

Yahoo Mash joins a long list of Yahoo sites closed this year, so many it’s getting hard to keep track. In their defense at least they are cutting the dead wood after trying to be everything to everyone, a bit like Google’s current direction.


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    My roomy worked for Y! and was laid off with a lovely 3 month paid vacation. Prior to that she was on the Mash team as a community manager. It was crap from the beginning and it never got better. They couldn't even integrate other Y! properties into it and when explained to them why their abortion of a product was genetically deformed the responses came with all the pride of fart huffing Y! team spirit they could muster.

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