WWE News: WWE Attempting To Sign Goldberg To A One Year Contract Near ‘WrestleMania’ Time

We all know by now that Bill Goldberg has been teasing a return to the ring. It was even cited that he would like to do it away from WWE. For some apparent reason, he just does not like WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. This despite the fact he was treated well in his one year with WWE, where he was in top rivalries with The Rock, Triple H, and more — on top of the fact he won a World Heavyweight Title in his run.

His last match with WWE at WrestleMania 20 with Brock Lesnar rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. It was obvious both were leaving and did not care to work with the company again. WWE threw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in to get fan support behind it, but it just did not seem right even still. The match was not fun to watch outside of the fact of both departing. It felt like they were already halfway out of the company.

Since he left WWE, he has done some wrestling with a few places, but nothing major. He has appeared in movies and television shows since his departure, as well, so the former WCW stand-out has kept busy in his time away from the ring.

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Despite all of this, Goldberg wants to give wrestling another shot, and he very well could be going to WWE for that to occur. It was rumored months ago that TNA Wrestling was trying to sign Goldberg to a TNA deal so he would be secured for their Pop TV premiere earlier this month. Sadly, the company was unable to get him because they could not agree on the financial side of things. The thought was that his asking price to work with TNA was simply too high.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is interested in bringing Goldberg back. At the very least, they want him to help increase television ratings and be part of the WrestleMania 32 event. WWE would ideally like to sign Goldberg to a one year contract, but internal talks are that they would be willing to do a six month deal of some kind. At last word, a formal deal had not been offered to Goldberg, but the thought is that one will eventually come near Wrestlemania time.

It is rumored that he would be offered a deal similar to Brock Lesnar’s in that it would be per date. So, WWE could have Goldberg for just six full months, but they could stretch out that time.

Reportedly, Goldberg only wants to do one more match, and he wants it to be at WrestleMania. So it is up in the air regarding a potential six month to one year contract.

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Some claim that Goldberg actually has a bit of leverage over WWE for once, as TNA is willing to pay a good bit for him and have a lot of money to use from Panda Energy if they have to go in debt with the TNA brand to get him.

The thought among most is that Goldberg would get a good deal, most likely in the millions, to return for a little while, whereas it would be lower to return for one match. On top of this, Goldberg asks high amounts for companies like TNA because of the position they are in versus the top promotion in the world in WWE. While WWE critically may not be seen as the best, they are the most popular and the most talked about. So, Goldberg would want to go here over most others because he at least knows that business wise, it would make sense for him.

Whether or not WWE is able to talk Goldberg into a contract with multiple matches has yet to be seen, but it would not be surprising to most if they were able to do so very soon. With countless injuries, sliding ratings, and WrestleMania around the corner, WWE does need star power now more than ever. Goldberg brings that if nothing else.

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