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WordPress-tards wet their pants over not much at all


Hardcore WordPress groupies (hereby known as WordPress-tards) are in a flap over comments made by Chris Anderson in his new book “Free” about the WordPress model.

Without being able to see the actual book and extract, I can only take their word for it, but it’s suppose to read like this:

2. Feature limited (Basic version free, more sophisticated version paid. This is the WordPress model.)

* Upside: Best way to maximize reach. When customers convert to paid, they’re doing it for the right reason (they understand the value of what they’re paying for) and are likely to be more loyal and less price sensitive.
* Downside: Need to create two versions of the product. If you put too many features in the free version, not enough people will convert. If you put too few, not enough will use it long enough to convert.

Mark Asquith, who notes that he’s a “lead developer of the WordPress publishing platform” claims:

This is most assuredly not the WordPress model. Anyone and everyone can go to and download a completely free, completely unrestricted, and completely feature-complete version of WordPress to run for any purpose. There is no feature limited version of WordPress.

I’d say he’s right, but I’d be lying so much I’d have my hands cut off in an Islamic court. See the problem is, THIS IS THE WORDPRESS MODEL. The WordPress BUSINESS MODEL.

You know, business models, that thing Automattic built on top of open source code then insisted that others couldn’t play along with them?

There has been some reasonable discussion among people who can see the trees from Matt Mullenweg’s arse, like Chris Garrett who notes that Anderson is talking about and not WordPress the open source code. However he does lose it a little bit when he asks whether is diluting the brand.

The answer there is a simple no. Those who want to set up hosted blogs (the minority) are going to understand the difference between WordPress the code and WordPress the heavily retarded unless you pay hosted blogging service. Those who use either have no interest in code, are too mentally challenged to know what code is, or too poor or tight arsed to spend $5 a month (and often less) for hosting and $8.99 per year for a domain name. In none of these scenarios is water added to dilute anything.

But the conflict between the benevolent arm and the evil empire does highlight one point that should be made: should be hived off, or alternatively forked off from Automattic. There is a continuing and clear conflict of interest between Automattic’s commercial interests, and WordPress’ development as a free and open source blog CMS. One needs to look no further than how Automattic’s commercial decisions are constantly imposed on the WordPress (.org) community: one minute it’s sponsored links in templates, then it’s trying to force template and plugin designers to release their work under the GPL: it’s the whole the only people who can profit from WordPress is us thing, and that’s why there should be, and needs to be change.

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19 Responses to “WordPress-tards wet their pants over not much at all”

  1. dougal

    Huh. Usually you find trolls writing comments, not articles.

  2. reyito

    wow. it takes a lot to shock me, but that picture is has me speechless. do you really think that making fun of a child with down's syndrome is appropriate? pretty shameful.

  3. abrudtkuhl

    Agreed… That picture is waaaay over the top… Definitely uncalled for. I expect more from you Duncan.

  4. Si

    Why are you using a picture of a young girl with down syndrome in order to illustrate your article regarding “WordPress-tards”?. Bit harsh!

  5. MsBlenkins

    I just stumbled onto your site via Google. The use of the word “tard” in this headline and the accompanying picture caused me to do a double-take. This is astoundingly ableist and offensive. And I would suggest that anyone who immediately responds to this complaint with, “It's just a joke, lighten up,” ought to take a few moments to examine exactly why they think something like this is funny, and why they consider it acceptable. The picture of this child has absolutely zero relevence to the topic at hand; the use of it here is mean-spirited, insulting, and immature.

  6. ryanhellyer

    Lol, I hope this is a joke as a large proportion of what you have written is totally wrong.

  7. Duncan Riley

    I take it on board…despite the pic doing the rounds for the better half of 6 mths… I can't claim credit on that.

    But likewise I'm sick and tired of this blind Mullenweg worship…and you only need to read TechCrunch 2 years ago to see that. WordPress is a wonderful idea, arse fucked by a person and company who only sees profit. That people keeping giving to it, when those who try to profit from it get cracked down on… sorry, I'm always going to take the side of the underdog. And just remember: I was one of the biggest ppl who switched the blogging community to WP from MT to start with. SixApart have only in the last year forgiven me. I don't come here raw or uninvited, but as a veteran WP solder.

  8. Duncan Riley

    First: it's a meme that is over 12 months old: I didn't start it. Second, you don't know my private life, so fuck you. The picture reinforces the blind point that WordPresstards cant see the trees from Mullenweg's arse

  9. Duncan Riley

    Well the content wasn't wrong, but unlike the other commenters, you've accurately identified that I've gone over board (taken the piss) in this post. That others cant see it: seriously, don't come here again :-)

  10. Duncans Fanny Fart

    Duncan you are a moron.

    Oooooo you are such a studly… WP solder?
    Oooooo SixApart have just forgiven you. You. You name dropper you!!! Oooooooh so who gives a shit about you and your cruddy littly blog.

    You guys just sound like a bunch of whiney little bitches who are all upset that Matt hasnt given you a hand out.

    Oh but you deserve it don't you. I'm sorry. Yeah we all forgot that you've contributed oh so much to this world havent you.

    What a fucking pussy. Like Chopper would say. Harden the fuck up Duncan.

  11. dougal

    Your wit is exceeded only by your grammar skills.

    This article and your comments are just an example of muck-raking for the sake of creating conflict and drawing page views. If you had anything to say that was worth saying, you could do it without stooping to ad-hominem attacks and insults.

    You're entitled to your opinion, and I can understand the point about how whether *technically* “automattic”, “”, and “” are separate things, the *perception* in many cases is that they are the same thing. I think there's confusion on that point with some people. I could offer my opinions and counter-arguments, but I get get the impression that all you wouldn't offer anything back but insults for anything I said that doesn't agree with your view.

  12. Sarah

    Dude, that doesn't “reinforce” anything regarding WP contributers, but does reinforce the fact that you have no class or sensibilities!

  13. FuckYouStupid

    You have taken ignorance to a whole new level loser. Steal a photo of an innocent child and then use it as some sort of prop to make a point.

    Your dumb as fuck. Point well taken.

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