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Cell Phone Dead? Take a Jog to Recharge


You’ll soon be able to recharge your cell phone by going for a walk.

M2E Power — a startup in Boise, Idaho — has announced plans for an “external charger” for phones and other mobile devices. The thing actually uses electromagnetic fields to turn your motion into storable electric energy.

The company claims six hours of any sort of motion — running, walking, or any other, erm, physical activities that might come to mind — will churn up enough energy to keep your phone on for up to a full hour (and for a minimum of 30 minutes).

M2E execs say they’re talking with several major mobile companies to work out branding and distribution details. The chargers are expected to be on store shelves by next year. So far, though, no word on how much they might cost.

On a side note, M2E is also working to put its technology to use in military and first responder applications — something that actually makes a whole lot of sense. Engineers are conceiving motion-powered systems for radios, night vision equipment, even weapon scopes and mine detectors for combat usages.

M2E has been around since 2006.

M2E Power

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