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Fashion And Beauty Trends For 2016: Lampshading, Palm Bracelets, Flatforms And Athleisure Clothing

When a new year rolls around, expect articles about new beauty and fashion trends to look forward to in the newest year to follow. As such, 2016 has been declared the year of the “Palm Bracelet” — among other fashion trends — by ABC News. Instead, as seen on Instagram, the #palmbracelet hashtag enjoys 3,510 posts that display just how varied the bracelets can appear.

“Just like the ring got relocated, the bracelet is no longer satisfied sitting daintily on the wrist. Instead, expect to find them in the middle of the palm, making the hand decked out and adorned.”

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Another fashion trend to anticipate are “flatforms,” sort of like a platform shoe that’s flat all the way across. Instead of a chunky platform shoe with a heel that grows higher toward the back, the flatform shoes are chunky shoes that remain the same height from toe to heel.

While some flatforms seem casual, others are a bit more dressy, based on their design.

Flatforms are deemed the perfect shoe for a person who doesn’t want to wear flats that don’t give them any height, but want to use the flatforms to comfortably add inches to their height without the uncomfortable feeling that platforms can sometimes bring their wearers.

On Instagram, the #flatforms hashtag enjoys 30,008 posts, proving the popularity of the style of shoes.

As fashion follows form “athleisure” is predicted to grow strong. The athleisure fashion trend, as reported by Glamour, reflects the fact that people want gear they can wear from the gym and beyond without looking like a slob.

On Instagram, the #athleisure has 38,251 posts. Many of those photos show how people interpret the trend for themselves, as plenty of selfies reflect how fashionably they transition from the health club to their other on-the-go destinations. The trend is called a tricky one, in finding the perfect outfit that can be worn from the grocery store to a fun dinner to a bootcamp class and all points in between and remaining stylish.

Lampshading is another interesting look being shown via social media. The lampshading trend involves wearing an oversized sweater along with thigh-high boots. The lampshading look generally leaves a small bit of thigh visible, and was not surprisingly was popularized by the Kardashian-Jenner clan, according to Who What Wear.

“Simply put, lampshading is wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots with a broad hemline that hits above or right at the top of the shoes. The Kardashian-Jenner ladies are the most frequent committers of this new trend, pairing their tall boots with sweatshirt dresses and oversize sweaters. But Kate Moss is also a fan, and the trend technically first appeared on the F/W 15 runways, when French brand Vetements sent a runway down the catwalk in the look.”

Another big hashtag on Instagram represents the fashion trend of mink eyelashes surging. According to the social media platform, the #minkeyelashes label has 16,665 posts as of this writing. Opponents of the mink eyelash trend are taking to social media to remind people that the mink comes from the same place where mink coats derive.

The mink eyelashes are sold in online stores, usually for a higher price than other eyelashes. Some of the mink eyelashes seen online cost approximately $30 for one set. In addition to mink lashes, some are made of horse hair.

According to the Times of India, the double eyeliner trend is also another fashion statement that should carry on into 2016, this time with a variety of colors, based upon eye color. The style can vary as well, with the eyeliner not needing to be as thickly drawn as previous eyeliner trends prior to 2016.

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