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Little Girl Interviewed After Giving Sister Terrible Haircut

Three-year-old Eva was tired of her long hair itching her hips so her 5-year-old sister Sadie grabbed a pair of scissors as a brilliant thought crossed her mind. I mean, how hard can giving a haircut be?

Apparently, it’s harder than it looks. Sadie gave her little sister a haircut and when it was finished, it looked like a 5-year-old had cut her hair.

WNPR reporter Jeff Cohen, the two little girls’ father, interviewed the two sisters after the incident to find out exactly what happened.

Sadie said: “I climbed up on the bathroom to get the scissors and I went to cut, and I went Ch Ch Ch Ch, and it was so hard to cut.”

Cohen asks his daughter why she cut her sister’s hair.

Sadie said: “Her hair was almost down to her tush. And if she grew it any longer… when she wiped her but her hair would go into her toilet.”

Eva agreed: “I didn’t like it when it was all the way down to my butt. It really itched my hips. I really wanted a haircutter to do it.”

Sadie said that it would probably be best to leave the haircutting to the professionals next time. The little girl said: “Cutting hair, takes, like, a lot of concentration… Stuff like this, it happens three times in every life. Or twice. Or once.”

Here’s the full adorable interview with Eva and Sadie after a disastrous haircut.