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Dave Winer for CTO of the United States


One of the promises of the Obama campaign is to appoint a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the United States should he win in November. It’s recognition of tech has a driving force within the US economy, and it’s an idea that I know I’d want copied in my native Australia.

The question is though, who will become the first CTO of the United States of America? There’s no set criteria, no precedent, no rules or regulations around the position, which opens the candidate field wide. Robert Scoble has chimed in with his list of possible candidates, and alongside Bill Gates he suggests the god father of blogging, Dave Winer.

I won’t be able to vote, but given most of you reading this live in the United States, you may have influence. Dave Winer would make a most excellent US CTO, and we now give him our full support should he decide to officially put his name forward. Winer knows RSS, he knows blogging, and he isn’t shy is sharing his opinions. Spread the word: Winer for CTO.

I haven’t got access to Photoshop at the moment to create Winer for CTO buttons, but if you do decide to join the cause, leave a comment with link to logo and we’ll add it to the post.

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16 Responses to “Dave Winer for CTO of the United States”

  1. Someone

    Bad idea. You need someone with some level of political experience and personal diplomacy and Dave ain't it.

  2. srem

    why not tim o reily? i have nothing against dave (i follow him on twitter, which is how i ended up here), i just think tim brings silghtly more to the table.

  3. Iso

    He knows RSS and blogging? That's like endorsing someone as a Nascar driver because they can work the windshield wipers.

  4. Raena

    OMG, *Winer?* Captain Tantypants? Advising a leader of a global superpower? That is the funniest thing I've read all weekend and it's only Saturday lunchtime.

    Yes, he's a greybeard in blogging and whatnot, but he's also a tantrum-throwing egotist who can't put a lid on it.

    For what it's worth, I'd pick Bruce Schneier.

  5. g

    Because he's done great things lately, huh? Flickrfan?

    Plus, winer's a bit of a loose gun, dare I say, a little off. That's great on his own blog. But I'm not sure anyone in Obama's shoes would want to be associated with him.

  6. paisley

    LMFAO.. i didn't have the right words.. but these would be them..

    Yes, he's a greybeard in blogging and whatnot, but he's also a tantrum-throwing egotist who can't put a lid on it.

  7. nsh


    wait…. article is serious?


    Dave Winer is too twatish to be a pityable retard, and too retarded to be an entertaining twat. He's like the late-term abortion of mediocrity, the unfortunately-perforated of pomposity, the platform-shoes of web2.0 fanboi-dom. I could go on….

  8. John Boy

    Dave Winer is probably the last person that should be put on such a list. If you really get to know him he really isn't that technical. Just read some of his blog posts on how he can't figure out some very simple networking etc. He is also one of the most arrogant people you'd ever want to meet. It is either his way or the highway. Absolutely horrible team player.

  9. Will Cate

    He's a good programmer, but his personality is abhorrent. I'm sure he'd love to have such a gig, if for no other reason than his own self-aggrandizement.

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