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Vizio Launches New PC Line, Could Rival Mac


Vizio, a company long known for making TVs, is officially throwing at least a few eggs into the PC market basket with the launch of a new PC line, including all-in-one desktops and portable computers.

Cnet reports that the new systems are mixing high-end components with slick designs, fairly reminiscent of Apple’s iMac. Their new models boast the current trends of aesthetic minimalism, including unibody construction, hidden hinges, and full HD displays.

The all-in-one models seem to be especially influenced by the company’s TV-making experience, including HDMI inputs, a remote control, and Blu-Ray options, according to Cnet.

Engadget notes as well that:

“Across its PC lineup, Vizio will be including a so-called V key on its keyboard, which will serve as a shortcut to services like Hulu Plus, Amazon, Vudu and Netflix. (If you were wondering how Vizio would incorporate its TV know-how, this is it.)”

According to Gizmodo, the two notebooks start at $900 and $1100, and come with USB 3.0, 1920 x 1080 displays, and a maximum terabyte hard drive plus a 32 GB SSD. They will also come with something that is sure to make PC users happy: Windows 7 with no bloatware (meaning no awful photo editors and video players you’ll never even use).

Cnet also notes:

“There’s a very deliberate aesthetic minimalism to the Vizio laptops, with large clickpad-style touch pad underneath a keyboard, power button, and speaker grille, and nothing else. The keyboard has tightly packed, flat-topped keys, a different look from the majority of current laptops, which have widely spaced island-style keys.”

The five new Vizio computers are two all-in-one desktops that feature either a 24 inch or 27 inch screen, and three notebooks, the CN15 laptop, the CT14 thin and light, and the C15 thin and light (also known as an ultrabook).

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6 Responses to “Vizio Launches New PC Line, Could Rival Mac”

  1. Jordan Burke

    I have to admit, they are very beautifully designed. I hope they do well! We need something to take on Apple.

  2. Gary Watson

    Look great but the handicap is windows OS and very low spec so I don't think Apple will be losing sleep.

  3. Daniel Mcfarlane

    meh, absolutely lame, it runs windows…when will people understand, all these copycats just look like cheap imitations and that's exactly what they are. they aren't vertically integrated, its the end to end integration which makes the mac truly great.

  4. Raymond J Grier

    Building a new OS that can compete with Windows and OSX is just as big and expensive as designing their PCs. Waiting until they are somewhat established before attempting a proprietary OS might be a good idea.

  5. David Lloyd

    everything is not always about Apple. people seem more afraid of or manically obsessed with them. it's the product, the experience and the name is what sells us. if you have never owned a Vizio product you cannot call them lame or a copycat; they are very innovative, willing to take risks and up to date on technology trends. whether these PCs do well or not you still cannot deny they make good, inexpensive products that don't try to SQUEEZE you for every dollar you've some companies.

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