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Medical Marijuana May Become Decriminalized in 7 States

Medical Marijuana Laws

Toking-up on medical marijuana may be legal in seven states after the November election. As of June 1, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire included medical marijuana decriminalization amendments on the fall ballot or before the state assembly, according to the Pro-Con website. The regulated use of organic cannabis would allow patients the ability to opt for natural rather than synthetic medications created in a laboratory environment. A total of 16 states and the District of Columbia currently permit the regulated use of medical marijuana, the New York Times reports.

Although state laws will permit varying levels of sanctioned organic cannabis usage if the proposed measures pass, federal laws still consider any ingestion or possession of marijuana a criminal act.

Illinois – House Bill 0030 is a pilot program valid for only three years. A physician must diagnose a patient with a debilitating medial condition before allowing personal cultivation or purchase of medical marijuana from state regulated dispensaries.

Ohio – The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 proposed amendment was a citizen-led initiative to alter the state constitution and pave the way for the decriminalization of medical marijuana. Ballot issue language calls for the creation of an Ohio Commission of Cannabis Control to function in a manner similar to the existing liquor control commission for regulations purposes. Physician approval would also be required to legally obtain or grow cannabis.

New York – Senate Bill 7283 would permit allow the manufacture, possession, use, delivery, administration and transportation of marijuana by a caregiver for medicinal use. The New York Department of Health would establish regulations for a medical marijuana registry and monitor the program.

Pennsylvania – Senate Bill 1003 would allow medical use of cannabis and repeal prior laws which penalize marijuana usage. The bill is also known as “The Governor Raymond Shafer Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

Missouri – House Bill 1421 would change existing state laws which classify marijuana as a controlled substance. The change in designation would allow medical marijuana usage under a specific set of conditions as described in the pending legislation.

New Hampshire – Senate Bill 409 would permit patients who meet the state mandated criteria to obtain registration cards for up to six ounces of cannabis or six marijuana seedling plants if the patient does not have a caregiver capable of visiting dispensaries.

Massachusetts – House Bill 625 would protect patients, physicians and caregivers from criminal charges if caught using, growing or possessing marijuana. Police officers would retain the right to “exercise judgment” concerning medical marijuana arrests under Massachusetts’ companion legislation, Senate Bill 818.

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29 Responses to “Medical Marijuana May Become Decriminalized in 7 States”

  1. Ryan Carranza

    If alcohol is legal, surely weed can be too. That is all…

  2. Jacqueline Scott

    The law should be consistent in all states. People move all the time and if someone needs it for medical reasons they should be able to use it without having to worry about possible criminal charges.

  3. Stephanie ChocolateFantastic Kirby

    Alcohol and legal medications hve more side affects than marijuana, so I dnt see wat da problem is…

  4. Andrea Donaldson

    Maijuana has a major effect on the brain overtime cuz causing frustration, memory loss, problems thinking, concentrating, sensory and time perception and logical problem solving and it affects the heart rate after using… Medications and alcohol both carry repercussions as well

  5. Andrea Donaldson

    Maijuana has a major affects on the brain overtime cuz causing frustration, memory loss, problems thinking, concentrating, sensory and time perception and logical problem solving and it affects the heart rate after using… Medications and alcohol both carry repercussions as well.

  6. Andrea Donaldson

    Maijuana has a major affect on the brain overtime cuz causing frustration, memory loss, problems: thinking, concentrating, sensory and time perception and logical problem solving and it affects the heart rate after using… All three have repercussions over time.

  7. Suzanne Phaneuf Yeager

    I think it should be completely legal, like alcohol. Prohibition didn't work, either. By legalizing and taxing it, we would be spending less taxes on jails and we could use the additional taxes to lower the deficit. It makes too much sense….therefore, the government won't allow it.

  8. Ryan Carranza

    Three, actually… But that's a helluva lot less than people I have seen been pulled over for DUI.

  9. Angela Chapman

    yes I understand 4 medical reasons I have brain tumors and I had cancer but I don't know if I could get that? and I think it should just belegalized. god put it here.

  10. Anonymous

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  11. Kevin Hunt

    Quoting Cheech: "How's my driving"? Chong: "I think we're parked man." Drunks drive 20 over in the left lane, swerving and cursing. Stoners drive in the right lane at 10 under, keeping it between the lines.

  12. Kenneth Johnson

    I beleive that marijuana should be legal, and regulated. The Black Market aspect of this are out of control. There are too many back door deals, and people getting wealthy from this. It, s no longer about the patients anymore. I live in a western state that allows med. canabis. I have volonteered at some of the social clubs. Trust me, they're not about the patients. The last one that I volonteered at was taken over by a group of farmers who want to charge the black market equivelent, or more. Most of the proprieters though would rather see the poor and the needy just disapear. So that their wealthier freinds. These people are no diffrent than the people that dissagree with the program. We all know that they are in it because of wealthy lobbying groups. True there are some people that marijuana benifits. But it's like any other drug. There is alot of unregulated abuse. Look at all the junkies and tell me that opiates don't have their downfall. Patients regularly get ripped off by so called grower caregivers. Who only deliver false promises of medicine. While they themselfs go out and put it on the black market to make a profit. I am so tired of the so called Rofatarian Movement. Go ahead, rip one of these so called good guys off, and see if they say that's ok, I don't think so. It's all coming down to the same thing. Lets see how much cash we can make from the poor. There are'nt too many of these people that have a heart. But there are a few. But without connections, or just blind luck. Good luck finding them. We as patients need to get together and say NO MORE!

  13. Jeremy DeCapo

    There are 17 states and DC….Connecticut's program was just signed into law!

  14. Payaso Loco

    I'm 24 I was born with Spina Bifida I have had many surgeries 14 on my low back one bladder & bowl & one on my brain & belly to put a VP shunt in I'm in pain 24/7 n what do Doctors do oh here some pills WTF Pain Pills will work till u need something stronger but smoking I can roll around in my wheelchair n even walk a little better but pain free NO just dulls it so I can LIVE n do what little I can do and with the time we all have left. Alcohol was once Illegal & Marijuana was once grown all over the US even for a while after some of it wasn't Mexican it was still grown & then outlawed and even back then alcohol was use for medicinal purposes and now we can go get a bottle damn near at every corner it can be use for more then just SMOKE try a type of flue, paper & even cloth n rope it come from a seed u add dirt water & love and like anything else in life it grows no need to do anything else to it I could on and on like the Hippies from the passed but I think they knew more then what Weed did but this I'm from Toledo Ohio but wont be for long if this don't pass soon.

  15. Tony Amy Starr

    It should be the ppl choice. Our gov. Has to much Say on what we do. Let us make the choice!!

  16. Ida Way

    I was in a car accident that was my fault and because I had pot in my system I am now facing 8yrs in prison. I hadn't even smoked anything that day. I have spent 2 months in county jail had to post a $3,000 bond to get out only to be put on home confinement pending trial. I have been home for 5 months now will no trial date. This is so dumb just because it was in my system……it didn't cause the car accident!

  17. Ida Way

    thank you wish they would figure out what they are going to do to me…..already missed the whole year

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