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Legalize It: Gavin Newsom Commission Releases Marijuana Recommendation Report

Legalize It: Gavin Newsom Commission Releases Marijuana Report

California could soon become the next state to legalize recreational marijuana use and former Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has 58 opinions about that. That’s according to a report from a Blue Ribbon Commission chaired by Newsom that investigated what would happen if California legalized recreational marijuana use for adults. The commission hopes its 58 suggestions… Read more »

Legalize It: Colorado Opens Nation’s First Marijuana Resort

Colorado opens nation's first marijuana friendly resort

Do you like smoking marijuana, camping, getting massaged, meeting new people, or eating five star cuisine? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then a new marijuana friendly resort in Colorado might be right up your alley. CannaCamp, a 170-acre ranch resort in southwest Durango, Colorado will open in July as the nation’s… Read more »

God Vs. Government: The Push To Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana

Since Colorado became the first state to legalize not only medical marijuana, but recreational marijuana as well, this issue that has been simmering in the United States for years has now reached a full rolling boil. So far, the only state to follow suit and legalize marijuana statewide is Washington, but many other states are… Read more »

Marijuana Legalization Bill Gets OK From Texas House Committee

marijuana texas

Marijuana legalization may soon occur in Texas. A bill requesting approval for full pot legalization on “religious grounds” has passed a government hurdle many felt was unlikely. Texas Republican State Representative David Simpson supports marijuana legalization and is championing the bill. The Longview area representative has argued that because marijuana comes from God and therefore… Read more »

Cancer Patient Given 18 Months To Live, Cured By Cannabis Oil

marijuana plant, photo courtesy Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

David Hibbitt had cancer and was given only 18 months to live. He had gone through arduous chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions prior to surgery to remove his large bowel in March, 2013, none of which were successful, according to Metro. He said the following, indicating that friends suggested that he try cannabis oil. “Friends had… Read more »

Mystery Over 5th Century B.C. Siberian ‘Ice Princess’ Solved

ice princess

Discovered in 1993, the Siberian Ice Princess — sometimes also referred to as the Altay Princess, for the region in which she was found — has captured the imaginations of many scientists, for many reasons. She was a well-preserved mummy, to begin with; in fact, she was so well-preserved that her ornate, delicate tattoos were… Read more »