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Pornhub Offers Chad Ochocinco $69,000 To Change His Name

chad ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco was just released from the New England Patriots so he’ll have to look elsewhere for his next paycheck. Could that next big payday come from adult website

The adult website made Ochocinco a $69,000 offer earlier this week. No, not for the NFL player to appear in an adult film. All Pornhub wants is for Ochocinco to legally change his name to Chad Seisnueve.

Pornhub wrote an open letter to the NFL player, saying:

“I hope this letter finds you well. Our company,, (the premier destination for online adult entertainment) would like to offer you an opportunity to solidify your support for the work we do here. Given your continued endorsement of our brand on your widely followed Twitter account, we feel it would only be appropriate to ask you, in the spirit of fun, to take your fandom for us to the next level. In short, we would like to extend a proposal for you to legally change your name to Chad Seisnueve.”

The adult website said that he would only have to legally change his name for 24-hours. Pornhub wrote on Twitter:

“We offered @ochocinco $69,000 to change his name to Chad Seisnueve. We have yet to hear back.”

That was posted earlier this week. Since then, Ochocinco has gotten in touch with the adult website. The former Patriot probably won’t become Seisnueve anytime soon, but he is starting to negotiate.

He sent a message to Pornhub, saying:

“Add a 0 in front of that 9.”

Do you think Pornhub will agree to the new terms? Would you change your name to Chad Seisnueve for $690,000?

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9 Responses to “Pornhub Offers Chad Ochocinco $69,000 To Change His Name”

  1. D'Arcy Mann

    wouldn't adding a zero in front of the nine make it $609,000, not $690,000.

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