WWE News: Major Speculation On Potential Heel Turn By Roman Reigns On Dean Ambrose

When Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble and was slated to headline WrestleMania 31, the WWE Universe turned against him. It was mentioned multiple times that WWE officials were trying to “force” him down their throats. Even though it’s a big accusation, Reigns seemed to be the final answer for WWE officials.

After a multitude of negative reactions from WWE fans, it seemed they decided to flip the script and have Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase to capture the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Now, if Reigns would’ve turned heel before WrestleMania, maybe wrestling fans’ opinion for Reigns might have changed as well.

That didn’t happen. In fact, Roman Reigns seems to be playing the babyface role now more than ever. He teamed up with Dean Ambrose full-time and is preparing for a six-man tag-team match against the Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. As of right now, they still don’t have a third man. That mystery man will likely show himself on WWE Raw or at Night of Champions. One item is still unclear, though.

How long will Ambrose and Reigns tag for? Big rumors were swirling about a heel turn at SummerSlam, but to no avail, it didn’t happen. Will it take place at Night of Champions? SEScoops is reporting that speculation of a heel turn is present, but not by Dean Ambrose.

“Since being promoted to the main roster, Reigns has been viewed as an obvious main event project, one that WWE has been carefully booking in specific ways pretty much since day one.

Lately, there has been speculation that Ambrose bringing into the fold for their battle against could lead to the Reigns heel turn, as Reigns would get upset that Ambrose brought his family, Uso, into a situation where he would get destroyed.”

The report also mentions that booking Reigns as a heel right now makes perfect sense. Let’s say that Seth Rollins turning babyface is accurate and comes true before the Royal Rumble. Wouldn’t it be karma for Rollins to run into a mega-heel Reigns? It would flip the script from when Rollins defeated Reigns and turned heel against his brothers.

Jimmy Uso coming into the program is an interesting idea, as well, especially if it’s a way to infuriate Reigns. He already said that he doesn’t want family involved with the Wyatt Family. Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw will likely answer a lot of questions. WWE fans can eagerly look for tension between Ambrose and Reigns. If and when that occurs, it’ll be step one.

[Image courtesy of WWE]