Udonis Haslem Should Be Suspended, Says Danny Granger

The Miami Heat have fought back to a 3-2 lead in their 7 game series against the Indiana Pacers, but game six could be a tough one, especially if Udonis Haslem gets suspended for his flagrant foul on Tyler Hansbrough.

Fox News reports that the NBA will review the foul and will decide on a punishment, if any, before game six. Star Pacers player Danny Granger said that he expects Udonis to be on the bench during their next match-up.

Granger said:

“Obviously it was retaliation for Tyler’s foul on [Dwyane] Wade… I mean, I saw it was bad in the game. Then I came back here and I saw the replay. It looked about three times worse. That was all-out. I expect to see Flagrant 2. I’d be shocked if they don’t upgrade it after looking at that play. … Seeing it in slow motion, it was obvious what [Haslem’s] intent was. I think it was just as dangerous as what Metta World Peace did to James Harden. I know he was trying to protect his teammate, but it was a hard foul.”

Haslem, of course, disagrees. Haslem, who is arguably the Heat’s best option to replace Chris Bosh, said that he’s been in the NBA for a long time and he’s never set out to hurt anyone.

Haslem said:

“Check my rap sheet. Nine years in this game, I ain’t never tried to hurt nobody… I made a play on the ball. You can’t suspend me for making a play on the ball.”

Here’s a look at Udonis Haslem’s hard foul on Tyler Hansbrough.

Do you think Haslem should be suspended? The Miami Heat will travel to Indiana on Thursday with the hopes of ending the series.