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Dell might as well call all women dames and babes


I’m not sure who at Dell thought that this would be a good idea but where they did something interesting and cool with their Digital Nomads blog they have in turn blown it with their new site for women called Della. Yup you heard that right – Della, a cute play on the Dell name but beyond that this is just a plain bad idea.

Sure all the pictures used on the site are of young attractive socially conscious high income women; but when you mix in terms like cute to describe laptops, or how they can join the Cyber Sisterhood, or use free guided meditations to help them chill I think the word condescending comes to mind pretty quick. Not just satisfied with those “girlie” phrases you can also find phrases like “finding recipes”, “counting calories” and “on the go lifestyle” littered around the site.

Why is it whenever we have companies trying to market to women they automatically assume that they have to be treated or talked to differently. After all do they really think women who are interested in computers and tech wouldn’t know how to use the main Dell site?

Dumb .. just plain dumb.

hat tip to SlipperyBrick

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4 Responses to “Dell might as well call all women dames and babes”

  1. Mike

    The digital nomad site sounded interesting but I get this error:

    You don't have permission to access /wordpress/ on this server

  2. Allison Reynolds

    You don't speak for us man!

    As much as i want to believe that all women on the internet are nerdy like myself, fact is they are normal women with interests that do range into the stereotypical.

    It's always good sense marketing to women, if you get it right you will make a motza…. at least Dell are trying I guess…

  3. John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    In his autobiography, John Sculley noted that Apple tried to market to women in the mid-1980s with a campaign based upon the Cyndi Lauper song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Apple subsequently concluded that girly marketing didn't yield any significant success.

    If Della succeeds, however, are we going to see computer ads targeted to stereotypical men? “DUDE, MY DELL GIVES ME SPORTS SCORES PRONTO, AND THE WI-FI GETS ME TO THE NEAREST BAR QUICKLY!”

  4. Laura

    I'm in advertising, women and men are targeted differently, women often go after what people they admire go after, and the “…young attractive socially conscious high income women…” are there for that exact purpose if women want to be like that then they'll strive to get it.

    And also, speaking as a woman myself, I search for “girlie phrases” myself, so don't get ahead of yourself.

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