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Nets Play Final Game In New Jersey

The Nets played their final game in New Jersey last night in front of a sold out crowd. The team, which came to New Jersey 35-years-ago, will be playing next season in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, the Nets couldn’t give their fans one last win. New Jersey lost 105-86 to the 76ers.

Nets head coach Avery Johnson said:

“The fan support tonight was great. They came out, they cheered us on and were really behind us. But our guys just ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. We made a pretty good run in the third quarter, but we didn’t lose because of a lack of fan support. They were tremendous and we really appreciated it.”

Guard Anthony Morrow added:

“It was great… I can really appreciate the way they came out for us and supported us. When we got down, they cheered us on to get back into the game. Before the game, when we were working out, seeing all the fans, it kind of hit me. It’s kind of an emotional time for all of the fans. It’s exciting, but at the same time, it’s bittersweet. I was always proud to play in front of the Nets’ fans in New Jersey.”

The Nets didn’t have a fantastic season this year. The Chicago Tribune reports that the team had a home record of just 9-24 and were on a five game losing streak at the Prudential Center. Still, a major sports team leaving a city is a big deal.

Unless you’re Chris Christie. The New Jersey Governor had one simple message for the Nets: Goodbye and good riddance.

Christie said:

“I’m not going to the Nets game tonight, and my message to the Nets is, ‘Goodbye.’ You don’t want to stay, we don’t want you. I mean, seriously I’m not going to be in the business of begging people to stay here. That’s one of the most beautiful arenas in America that they got a chance to play in. It’s in one of the country’s most vibrant cities and if they want to leave here and go to Brooklyn, good riddance. See you later.”

The Nets will be moving to the brand new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn next year. AOL reports that the team ranked dead last in attendance this year.

Do you think the Nets will do better in Brooklyn?