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Watch the IPL Live Online


The biggest sporting competition in the world, outside of the Olympics is the Indian Premier League (IPL), a professional 20/20 cricket tournament.

The games have audiences in the hundreds of millions, and include cricket stars from across the world.

No matter where you live, you can watch the IPL live online. Here’s how:

Official Stream

The IPL is said to be offering all matches for free on their website here. At the time of the writing though the site was down, but you can presume but they’ll eventually fix it. Note you also need Silverlight installed to watch the streams.

Other Streams

There’s a variety of streams on both Ustream and Word of warning though: there’s also a lot of false feeds which are nothing more than spam attempts on both sites, although Ustream was worse.

Cricmad has a variety of streams on their site here. I found the live video to be unreliable when I tested it, but it might be worth a look.

Cric7 has an excellent list of streams available over P2P apps like Sopcast here. Lots of choice here, so you’re bound to find a good one; presuming that is that you’re not a Mac user.

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18 Responses to “Watch the IPL Live Online”

  1. sidharth

    Hey Duncan do you really believe that it is the biggest outside Olympics ? I mean bigger than Fifa World Cup also ? I am a big cricket fan and also a bigger IPL fan but frankly this is not as big outside the cricket playing countries which number hardly in double digits.

  2. aprowe56

    The Fifal football world cup is most definitely the second biggest sport event in the world after Olympics. It has a worldwide following that spreads its wings much wider than the few countries that cricket is popular in.

  3. Sumesh

    I think a professional quality blog like Inquisitr should check its facts before saying that IPL is the biggest sporting event outside of Olympics. If so, in what way? Audience (you've got to be joking, there's football and F1), money (there's F1 again), or something else?

    Thanks for the link though – I found you via search. Unfortunately(only for the case of watching IPL), I'm on a Mac, so I miss out on some of the methods.

  4. cricLove

    This site has links to watch live ipl:
    Or you can watch the current match online @

  5. Winson

    You can watch IPL live cricket stream at this site:

    This stream will never go out & has been working properly for last few days. If you cant view IPL stream in firefox, please install window media player and open it in Internet Explorer. Thanks & Good luck

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