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TNA Rumors: Is There An Invasion Angle Really Coming With Global Force Wrestling?

A lot of rumors are flying around the wrestling world lately, but there is a lot of truth to plenty of them as well. In the past week, TNA has seen the return of Jeff Jarrett and numerous others while plenty of talents have finished their time with the company as well. Is all of this real or is TNA building toward an invasion angle with Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling?

In the past week, seven talents have let it be known that their time in TNA is done or that will be leaving after Slammiversary. They’re pretty big names too and the list includes:

Now, the Wrestling Observer had reported earlier on Sunday that both Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell were leaving TNA as well. This news would have been crushing as they are two of the top Knockouts, but both have tweeted to say the news is false.

TNA executive Bob Ryder also spoke up on Twitter and said that the rumors were false and that they still had months remaining on their contracts. He said he was “amazed” that the Observer “would report something so totally wrong.”

So, if Kong and Terrell aren’t leaving, that still leaves seven other talents that are confirmed to be done with TNA. The wonder in place now though is if the releases/departures are all legit or if there is some kind of working deal between TNA and Global Force Wrestling that is leading to an invasion angle.

Jarrett’s shocking return to TNA and his insertion into the “King of the Mountain” match at Slammiversary was huge. Now, it’s known that he will indeed be the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Here is what else is known so far about the releases and what is happening with them:

  • Low Ki’s release seems legit and as if he is totally done with TNA.
  • Magnus has agreed to work the first few tapings for GFW. He hasn’t signed a contract, but will work with them.
  • Where Magnus goes, so will his fiancee’ Mickie James.
  • Gunner and Samuel Shaw have revealed that their releases were not their decision.
  • TNA has plans to bring back both Storm and Magnus for future tapings as long as they aren’t signed with another company such as WWE.

It’s quite possible that TNA and GFW could end up with some type of agreement that would lead to an invasion angle. GFW wrestlers (a lot of former TNA talent) would show up on TNA programming and go from there.

Be prepared for more TNA departures in the coming weeks too.

TNA is interested in working with GFW, and honestly, it would do nothing but help Jarrett’s new promotion too. An invasion angle could bring about a lot of interest from fans as they always love to see one wrestling promotion try to take over another, but only if done right.

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