Firefight Robs Dallas Bank and Leaves A Tip

Polite Bank Robber Leaves A $20 Tip

Dallas, TX – Firefighter Jesus Ventura, 37, was arrested this week after he robbed a Dallas area bank and then left a tip to the teller who assisted him in the robbery.

Ventura entered the bank late in the afternoon and asked to use the restroom which was outside the bank lobby, when Venture returned he was greeted by a teller who offered him assistance. Teller then began to repeat “Give me all the money” multiple times before the teller gave Ventura the money from her register.

After the money was handed over Ventura took out $20 from the robbery and slip it back under the bulletproof glass to the teller at which point he said, “Here’s a tip for you.”

According to U.S. Attorney Sarah R. Saldana the robbery happened at a Chase Bank on April 10.

Jesus Ventura, 37, of Irving has been charged with robbing a Chase Bank on April 10, according to U.S. Attorney Sarah R. Saldana.

Dallas police investigating the crime scene arrested Ventura a short time later when he allegedly tried to rob a second business and police discovered the black backpack containing the money from the Chase Bank robbery.

Appearing before a federal judge for the first time on Wednesday, Ventura said he suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depress and that he had taken himself off his medication. When asked by the judge to provide his address Jesus Ventura gave the judge his birthdate.

This isn’t the first time Jesus Ventura has been in trouble with the law in recent times, he was arrested in March when he took a loaded semi-automatic pistol to a Dallas Fire-Rescue station. The gun incident forced the city to place Venture on administrative leave while the situation was assessed.

The world would be such a nicer place if our bank robbers, car hijackers and muggers would just remember to leave a tip.