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Taylor Swift’s Style: The Secrets Behind Her White Jumpsuit, Empty Purses And Paparazzi Photos

Taylor Swift makes it look so easy to look good. Whether she’s hitting the red carpet or hitting the streets of New York City, she looks effortless and put together. It takes an army to make Taylor Swift look the way she does every day. Now, fans are finding out the secrets behind some of the singer’s headline-making styles.


According to writer Jenny Kirkham of the Belfast Telegraph, Taylor Swift’s street style is “girly” and feminine. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter is often seen wearing crop tops and miniskirts or button down shirts paired with skinny jeans or flared skirts. It’s no secret that Swift also has quite the collection of shoes. She’s been photographed in oxfords, saddle shoes, stilettos, kitten heels, and tennis sneakers. Many women look to Swift as inspiration for their own personal style and street style looks.

It’s no wonder, since Taylor Swift has been declared as the “Queen of Summer Street Style” by PopSugar. The “Bad Blood” singer manages to looked polish and perfect whenever she’s stepping out of her New York City apartment. Taylor is not shy to baring her midriff and her long legs. She’s also never seen without her signature red lipstick.

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 17: Musician Taylor Swift attends the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 17: Musician Taylor Swift attends the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

When Swift isn’t making headlines for her street style, she’s making headlines for her red carpet style. Swift’s white jumpsuit at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards opened up a debate on fashion knock-offs. Swift wore a white jumpsuit that had a plunging neckline and cutouts at the midriff. Nasty Gal was quick to take the credit for Swift’s jumpsuit, when in actuality, she was really wearing an original spring/summer design by Balmain. Nasty Gal’s knock-off design was so similar that they couldn’t even notice the difference.

While people can’t tell who designs Swift’s red carpet clothes, some can tell who she’s dating by what she wears. The singer has dressed similar to her exes, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles, in the past. Swift’s sleek and sexy look on the red carpet “looked like she was headed to an EDM concert,” according to a PopSugar editor. The singer was seen sitting next to her boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris in the front row of the music awards ceremony.


Now back to Taylor Swift’s street style. There’s no denying that the singer has a penchant for handbags. She’s photographed with a different one each time she steps out. Fans have noted about the strange way Taylor carries her handbags. It’s because that she has nothing in them. According to a report in Seventeen Magazine, Taylor’s bodyguard carries her real handbag as she carries the empty purse just so she can market it to her fans. And her fans eat it up, as her clothing and accessories almost always sell out after she’s seen in them.

So how does Taylor Swift look so perfect every time she hits the streets? Unfortunately, those secrets haven’t been uncovered yet. It’s no secret that Swift has her own glamour team that helps her get ready for the paparazzi. No matter if it’s a brisk 40 degrees or a sweltering 95 degrees, Swift’s street style photos look picture perfect every time. She never really goes out of style.

[Images: Jason Merritt / Getty Images and from the mentioned sources]