Samsung Trucks Have TV Screens At The Back — The Innovation Takes Road Safety To A Whole New Level

Samsung Electronics has affixed large TVs at the back of its truck trailers. While it may look like some form of advertising, the intention was merely to promote road safety.

The Korean electronics giant is into many consumer durables, most notable among them being large-screen TVs and mobile phones. Hence, Samsung thought of coming up with an innovative way to use the TVs it makes to improve road safety. The concept, named “Safety Truck,” has revolutionized road safety with a very simple solution.

A while ago Land Rover had added cameras at the bottom of its jeep to make the bonnet disappear, making it easier for drivers to see the road that’s usually obscured by the front-end of the vehicle. Similarly, the road ahead is completely hidden by large trucks that ply on roads. These trucks make it impossible for drivers trailing them to see what is ahead of them. Moreover, drivers behind the truck can’t decipher if it’s safe to overtake the giants.

To make the decision simple for trailing drivers, Samsung mounted four large outdoor monitors at the back of the trucks. With cameras mounted in front of the truck feeding a live-view, the drivers behind can see what was earlier impossible. The cameras also have a night-vision mode ensuring the trailing drivers to see the road ahead even during the night.

The technology was inspired by the high incidence of traffic accidents in Argentina. Narrow and often single-lane roads are the cause of many deaths. As per Samsung’s research, almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour, and almost 80 percent of the fatalities are due to drivers attempting to overtake other vehicles and colliding with oncoming traffic.

The Safety Truck was developed in partnership with advertising company Leo Burnett and Argentinian tech group Ingematica. Though the technology has been deployed in Argentina, it can be used anywhere in the world. A simple setup of TVs offering a clear view of what lies ahead can greatly help drivers make a decision. These drivers can quickly decide whether to accelerate and overtake or simply trail the truck until an opportunity to overtake presents itself.

Anyone who has driven behind these big rigs knows it is nearly impossible to tell if the road is clear ahead or not. Hence the risk of accident greatly increases. Combine the same with high speeds, lack of skill, and impatience and the chances of hitting an oncoming vehicle drastically enhance. With Samsung’s solution, drivers now have a clear idea what lies ahead and can take informed decisions, saving many lives.

[Image Credit | Samsung]