NBA Finals 2015: Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Finals 2015: Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers Seems Inevitable

Lebron James dominated the hapless Atlanta Hawks last night to take a 2-0 series lead. Meanwhile, with Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors already ahead and with a chance to extend their lead to three games, it’s looking more and more like our NBA Finals match-up is set.

Get ready for the Golden State Warriors versus Cleveland Cavaliers.

If things do shake out this way, Warriors-Cavs is definitely the match-up that would get the most people excited. Golden State has been the best team in the league right out of the gate, posting a team record of 10-2 during the first month of the season en route to a league-best 67–15 record overall. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have been everyone’s preseason pick to win it all the day Lebron James agreed to return to the team during offseason free agency.

Not to belittle the Hawks or Rockets chances of advancing, but it’s clear they don’t stack up against their opponents. SB Nation feels Atlanta may have given the Cavs more of a run if they were 100 percent healthy, but overall it just feels their roster doesn’t stack up.

“If the Hawks were healthy, if their bench was deeper, if they were just playing a little bit better, they could have flipped the table on Cleveland and be two games away from advancing from the NBA Finals. The reason they’re not has nothing to do with a lack of a star or their love of jump shots. They just haven’t been good enough.”

The Rockets, meanwhile, are also suffering a case of “just not enough” in the talent department. Sure, they’ve got MVP runner-up James Harden, but clearly Harden just isn’t enough to beat the Golden State Warriors, a feeling shared by USA Today.

“As has been the case all season long, this cook-off – as the MVP-based battle between Harden and Curry has been deemed – simply isn’t fair. These two top chefs are working with a different set of ingredients.”

“It’s tough,” Harden said after losing 99-98 in a nail-biter the other night. “You know, just how hard we fought both these games. Still, we’re giving up small things, too many easy lay‑ups, too many easy threes that we’re having to climb back. This is a really good team that we’re playing, and so when you give them those buckets and you’re trying to fight back and you put yourself in a situation to win, you look back at those plays early in the game, and you kind of want them back.”

In the end, it won’t be enough. Get ready for the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers as the most likely NBA Finals match-up.

[Lebron James image via Salt Lake Tribune, Steph Curry image via Forbes]