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Site Meter causing Internet Explorer failure


Traffic measuring tool Sitemeter is blocking users of Internet Explorer from accessing sites using the service.

According to a tip to The Inquisitr, the problem happens when anybody using Internet Explorer tries to open any sites with the Site Meter code present, and thousands of websites/blogs have been shut off from IE users, including and blogs in the Gawker Media stable.

Users of Internet Explorer receive the following message when visiting any site with Site Meter installed:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site
Operation aborted

A search using Google Blog Search found that the issue is widespread, and the only known solution at this time being to remove the SiteMeter embed code from the website or blog. Notably users of Firefox, Safari and other browsers are not affected by the issue.

So far, Sitemeter has made no official statement. More if we get it.

Update: thx to Steve Hodson of WinExtra, a pic of the issue in the wild:

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28 Responses to “Site Meter causing Internet Explorer failure”

  1. Sebastian

    I have a similar issue with the latest Google Maps API code, which is online for about two weeks now. It broke access to each site that loaded the JavaScript-file, without any interference from my code. (I deactivated all JavaScript completely and just had Google Maps API activated.)

    After I switched back to the stable version of the API (I used the “normal” versions, not the “sneak peak” versions), everything worked again.

  2. greggo

    This is only a problem with the sitemeter JAVASCRIPT code. Using the HTML only code seems to be a decent workaround.

  3. rockmanac

    Seems to me like this is just another excuse to encourage the masses to come over to FF3!

  4. bob e

    I noticed the same problem – I thought it was Gizmodo that had code issues! These people should test their code on the worlds most popular browser – IE~

  5. Keith J. Farmer

    so all those firef*x users.. are running a buggy browser!

    No surprise, really.

  6. Janet Doe

    Well, I am an IE 7 user (not by my choice) and I am unhappy because its SLOW! Mozilla foxfire is faster but interferes with my other programs. I downloaded IE 8 and its not any faster. this sucks! I wish ATT will go back to the way things used to be. that way, i can select my own browser and still access the net if I choose not to.

  7. Games Girl

    Firefox certainly doesn't interfere with any other programs. On the other hand updating IE can mess your OS up and you might need a system restore.

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