WWE News: Neville Surprises Brave Boy [Video]

WWE News: Neville Surprises Brave Boy [Video]

While many young children look up to their favorite wrestlers and WWE superstars, it’s the acts of children in tough situations that sometimes truly inspire their own heroes. That is exactly the case with 11-year-old Ethan Reno.

The boy and his mother came home one day to find a burglar in their bathroom. While his mother did her best to subdue and chase the burglar away, Ethan found the courage to dial 911, allowing authorities to come and arrest the intruder.

In a feature on the Meredith Vieira Show, the boy, who claims to be a huge WWE fan, got a surprise from the “Man That Gravity Forgot.”

Upon entering the set, Neville was met with a nice response as the boy looked on in disbelief of his favorite wrestler gracing his presence, claiming that he feels like he could faint. In addition to the surprise from Neville, the boy will also be sent to LegoLand as a gesture for his bravery.

For Neville, the 28-year-old high flyer from England is beginning to be featured more prominently in the public eye. He debuted on the main roster less than two months ago, the night after Wrestlemania 31. Now, despite falling short of a personal accolade earlier in the week, he made Ethan feel like a king in that video.

That accolade for Neville was the King of the Ring tournament that was announced over a week prior. The formerly known “PAC” was one of eight contestants and looked impressive with victories over both Luke Harper and Sheamus, advancing to the final round.

However, upon reaching the King of the Ring finals, a fellow Englishman, Bad News Barrett, stopped Neville’s quest to be king dead in its tracks. Barrett defeated Neville and became the new King of the Ring in the process.

It’s a testament to Neville’s ability to resonate with a young audience this early into his WWE career that he’s already being mentioned as a favorite. His moves and ability in the ring will play a huge role in his success within WWE, and there is no denying that he is off to a fast start.

If he continues at this pace, John Cena might soon have another fellow WWE superstar working with the Make-A-Wish foundation, granting wishes to brave, sick, and terminally ill children, using their status to help those in need of a smile.

Even if gravity did forget Neville, the WWE Universe certainly will not.

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