iPad Pro: Exciting Information Revealed About Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Rival

It has been general knowledge that Apple is trying to revive its tablet genre with a much bigger and more capable tablet, the iPad Pro. On Friday afternoon, BGR reported on a leaked case from a French website that reveals more about the iPad Pro’s dimensions.

“We know the iPad Pro will have a display with a diagonal of roughly 12.9 inches, but what about the rest of the device’s dimensions? Nowhereelse.fr has obtained a leaked schematic that seems to show us the giant iPad’s full dimensions will be 305.7 millimeters by 222.6 millimeters with a thickness of just 7.2 millimeters.”

As BGR notes, the iPad Air 2 was 7.5 mm thick, and that felt almost like a piece of paper. It’s almost impossible to imagine Apple creating an even thinner tablet. The pictures were allegedly taken in December of 2014, so that means it could have been just a prototype. In any case, the new pictures have technology fans really excited.

The release date for the iPad Pro remains a mystery. Expert Reviews talks about the conflicting release dates for Apple’s large tablet.

“There have been lots of conflicting rumours about the larger screen iPad. Last year, Bloomberg said that the iPad Pro would be launched in Q1 2015, although that’s clearly wrong given the current date … Reuters has stated that the iPad Pro will come out in September, and this is due to component shortages. Once again, we have to point out that we’ve never seen a true report about Apple products being delayed due to shortages.”

Macworld U.K. doesn’t think the iPad Pro will launch this year.

“So our verdict right now is that Apple probably isn’t going to launch an iPad Pro this year. We’d love to be proved wrong, however, and it can’t be denied that the tech world has become a little bit obsessed with the iPad Pro idea, as you’ll be able to tell from the sheer volume of rumours and clues that have been dug up. It’s a fascinating concept, even if we don’t think it’s a commercially sensible one right now.”

There are strong rumors that the iPad Pro will run OS X instead of iOS. This would put the iPad Pro in direct competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, which Slashgear claimed would be released in mid-May based on a conversation with an anonymous source. However, a mid-May release date may be unlikely given that Windows 10 won’t be released until July, and the Surface Pro 4 is said to be the very first device released with Windows 10. Still, Microsoft’s tablet will surely be released before the iPad Pro.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]