Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt WWE

WWE News: Big Update On Bray Wyatt And Ryback, Bo Dallas’ ‘Extreme Rules’ Loss The Start?

WWE fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Bray Wyatt inside the WWE ring, but it didn’t happen last night at Extreme Rules. Earlier in the night, the WWE’s newest “face of fear” appeared on the big screen and once again cut an excellent promo on the target of his recent words on WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, it was reported that Bray Wyatt’s target was Ryback. The last few times Ryback appeared on WWE television, the WWE fans anticipated Wyatt to come out and attack the former OVW Heavyweight champion. Alas, Wyatt stayed in the back. Perhaps Wyatt is still injured from the sprained ankle he endured at WrestleMania. If that is true, the wait for Wyatt makes sense.

However, last night’s Extreme Rules set up Wyatt’s return to the ring. For those who checked out the WWE event, everybody watched as Ryback eviscerated Bo Dallas in a squash match in-between matches. Dallas “turned heel,” if that’s what he did, and told the Chicago fans to shut up and “bo-lieve.” Ryback responded while coming out and hitting him with the “shell-shock.”

Since Bray Wyatt didn’t come out last night, when will he? According to Daily Wrestling News, last night was the first step towards Bray Wyatt’s return to the squared circle.

“Speculation is that Ryback destroying Bo Dallas at WWE Extreme Rules may lead to Bray Wyatt attacking Ryback on RAW tonight to kick off their feud. We’ve noted how WWE is planning to reveal Ryback as the mystery Superstar that Wyatt has been ranting on and as you know, Wyatt and Dallas are real-life brothers.”

Just like the post explains, Wyatt and Dallas are brothers behind the curtain. There’s a chance that WWE is making that publicly known to the WWE Universe. That way, there’s a connection between Dallas and Wyatt, not just a random partnership between the two of them. Also, a handicap match with Wyatt and Dallas taking on Ryback is a possible pay-per-view match.

One thing that must happen is for Bray Wyatt to beat down on Ryback and come out victorious. If Wyatt takes on one of these opponents, there’s less chance of Wyatt moving up in the company. Ryback should be meant for building up Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas by proxy. If that is done successfully, the WWE will have another main event player in the WWE title hunt.

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