iCloud Now Supports Digital Movie Storage

If you prefer to get your digital movies from Apple’s iTunes service, you’ll likely be pleased to hear that your movies can now be saved directly to the iCloud remote storage service.

Now that Apple has opened up its iCloud service to store movies, users will now be able to stream movies to other connected Apple devices, such as the iPad and the iPhone. There is, however, a bit of a catch.

For those of you with iTunes Digital Copies, found in a good number of recently-released DVDs and Blu-Rays, your digital copy won’t be available for streaming through the iCloud unless the film is available to purchase on the iTunes Store.

Tech of the Hub reports:

“I purchased the 2009 release of Star Trek on Blu-ray which came with a digital copy… In the earlier versions of the Apple TV software, I was able to watch it via iTunes home sharing, streaming from my iMac (and iTunes had to be running). However, I can now stream the movie directly from Apple’s cloud. Star Trek shows up under my purchased titles and the iCloud icon appears with it. It’s just like iTunes match for music! I doubt it goes as far as iTunes music match, grabbing any movie it finds, including ripped DVDs.”

In addition to making it easier to stream your digital movies to your synced devices via the iCloud, Apple’s latest change also allows for easy streaming straight to the new Apple TV device, which the company announced last Wednesday. In theory, this should allow for 1080p HD streaming to the new Apple TV, all straight through the iCloud.

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