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The U.K. wants your Twitter chatter under surveillance


Not happy with pushing the EU Data Retention Directive which would make ISPs store communication data for 12 months Vernon Coaker, the U.K. Home Office security minister, now wants all social networking sites and IM messaging service monitored as well. The Interception Monderisation Programme (IMP) is the government proposal for legislation to use mass monitoring of traffic data as an antiterrorism tool.

The IMP has two objectives; that the government use deep packet inspection to monitor the Web communications of all U.K. citizens; and that all of the traffic data relating to those communications are stored in a centralized government database. The problem is that social networking sites aren’t covered by the directive

“Social-networking sites such as MySpace or Bebo are not covered by the directive,” said Coaker, speaking at a meeting of the House of Commons Fourth Delegated Legislation Committee. “That is one reason why the government (is) looking at what we should do about the Intercept(ion) Modernisation Programme, because there are certain aspects of communications which are not covered by the directive.”

Source: Security – CNET News

There is some opposition to this move but given the country’s predilection to treating everyone as a subject of surveillance it is hard to see this not happening.

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5 Responses to “The U.K. wants your Twitter chatter under surveillance”

  1. Ridiculousness

    And they expect the people to believe this will not be used to impose tighter restriction and control on dissenting speech. Sadly, they remove the option of peaceable disagreement at their own peril.

  2. A. Magnus

    Anti-terrorism is the same ruse used by Lenin's Bolsheviks when they consolidated power in Russia. They labeled all their political enemies 'terrorists' and passed a series of laws vesting most power in the state to 'defend Russia' from terrorism. The same exact template is being used on England now and just like in Lenin's Russia, the civilian population has been effectively disarmed to make resistance impossible.

  3. VoxVeritatis

    And Britons continue to put up with these outrageous intrusions by Big Brother?!?!? Englishmen! What happened to your spines? Vanished with your freedom and dignity, I suppose. For God's sake, grow some balls and reclaim your honor!

  4. Matthew

    You guys were so certain that Bush and co. would do that kind of stuff here. Maybe to an extent it happened, but not to the extent mentioned in this article. Yet, it's happening for sure to you guys, and you're not saying anything. Why are you so concerned about our country, but not yours?

    Also, the labor party is in charge there. Supposed to be pretty left leaning, right? Then why is it removing your freedoms? Or is it okay when the Labor party monitors all your communications because they can be trusted?

    V for Vendetta? No, that was a right wing populist fascist organization vs a left wing fascist individual. What's happening in the Uk is good ol' fashion 1984. English Socialism is here.

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