Former Pitcher Jose Capellan Dies

Former Pitcher Dies Suddenly: What Was The Cause?

ESPN is reporting that former pitcher Jose Capellan died on Tuesday at the age of 34. The former pitcher’s wife, Patricia Capellan, gave a statement to ESPN.

“Apparently it was a heart attack, [according to] the paramedics who responded to the emergency call. I was working when I received a call telling me that Jose was dead. I could not believe it. He was alone in the house. When I got home, the police were already there. They asked me if he used any other medication because there was indications that his heart could not resist anymore. Jose had no love problems or other problems, such as have been speculating on social networks. He didn’t drink alcohol, but had lost control in the use of sleeping pills.”

The former pitcher’s wife told the Associated Press on Wednesday that she is waiting to find out what the autopsy report is going to say.

Having a problem with sleeping pills is not something that is uncommon. In a 2012 study published in the BMJ Open Journal, it was stated that sleeping pills may have led to half a million deaths in the year the study was published. A year later, the FDA lowered the recommended dose for Ambien. Ambien is one of the most popular medications prescribed for sleeping disorders. Ambien was also the sleeping pill that the former pitcher used.

It is not difficult to accidentally overdose while taking any kind of medication, let alone a sleeping pill. Was this an unfortunate heart attack or something else? Did the former pitcher commit suicide?

Capellan’s wife weighed in and does not believe that her husband committed suicide.

“My husband did not commit suicide, nor did he have financial or problems with other women. He didn’t have the same financial situation as he had before, but he was not having any kind of trouble.”

Jose Capellan had a spent a total of 5 years in the major leagues. He was a former pitcher for 4 different teams during those 5 years. The teams he was a pitcher for were the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Former teammate Cory Aldridge expressed his sorrow via Twitter.

Funeral services will be held in the former pitcher’s hometown of Cotui in the Dominican Republic. The former pitcher is survived by his wife of 11 years, Patricia, and a daughter from a previous relationship.

What do you think will be revealed as the cause of death for the former pitcher?

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