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Study: Blogspot, Naked Female Celebs Pose Worst Malware Risks

sophos is the worst when it comes to malicious content, according to a new report released by antivirus company Sophos.

Sophos says Google’s free blog hosting service has more malware than any other single site on the Web, with 2 percent of all the world’s dangerous code — both in hacker-created blogs and in innocent blogs infested with malicious comments. Google says hosting any malicious code is, of course, a violation and something its staff actively works to avoid.

Another curious discovery: Messages claiming to contain naked photos of Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman are the most common forms of e-mail-based malware, Sophos found.

Overall, Sophos says there are now 11 million different pieces of malware floating around, with 20,000 new samples coming in daily. Engineers say they’re finding three times the amount of problematic content as they did last year.

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3 Responses to “Study: Blogspot, Naked Female Celebs Pose Worst Malware Risks”

  1. Lance

    google also supports terrorism by giving jihadis free access to post their training and recruitment videos. Although people complain to youtube repeatedly they are ignored. Google is becoming the cesspool of the internet with videos such as containing bloody skulls and other such gore.

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