Patrick Witt - Yale University Quarterback

Sexual Assault, Not Harvard Game, Kept Yale Quarterback From Rhodes Scholarship

Yale star quarterback Patrick J. Witt announced several months ago that he turned down a Rhodes Scholarship interview to play in his teams rivalry match against Harvard University, now it turns out that a sexual assault claim filed against Witt may have been his reason for missing out on the scholarship.

According to the New York Times a female student filed a complaint with Yale’s Committee on Sexual Misconduct which led to his interview with the Rhodes Scholarship Trust being suspended during the investigation.

No police report was ever filed regarding the case and an official report was never made to the university. Witt is no longer taking classes as he writes his final student thesis in order to earn his undergraduate degree.

The Rhodes Scholarship fallout isn’t the only negative news for the University, Yale’s football coach Tom Williams resigned last month after the Yale University officials found that he lied about accomplishments on his resume, a fact that was discovered after he told Witt that he missed his own Rhodes Scholarship chance to play in a game during his time as a college football player.

In the meantime Yale is already dealing with an official US Department of Education for its handling of sex harassment and discrimination complaints that have occurred on campus over the year, specifically those charged against the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity where Witt was a member.

Do you think Yale needs to better verify facts about students and employees in order to control the Universities image?