Facebook Wants Music Video Service Vevo Away From Youtube

Facebook is on a roll and is looking to further build out it’s network. According to some sources, the social network is in talks with Vevo, a music video service prominently known on Youtube, to have them move over to their site.

Currently, the service has a contract with Youtube that has another year before it ends so nothing would be happening here very soon, but eventually if talks go over well. With nearly 1 Billion users, many of which who share and consume music while on the site, this integration with Vevo could be a great value add for users and in getting them to spend more time on the social network.


“If Vevo were to jump, Facebook could boost its music offering, which it has done only in incremental ways in recent months. In September, Facebook Music was launched, a service that enables users to share information about their listening habits and tastes in real time.”

The music video service is very popular and just behind Youtube when it comes to unique visitors at almost 43 Million back in November.

“Here’s the most compelling thing a Vevo deal could offer Facebook: CEO Mark Zuckerberg could offer free-music listening in the form of music videos–just like YouTube does now–to the company’s users. That would certainly help Facebook keep users on the site longer, something the company is determined to do.”

People will always love music and this would give users easier access to the music that they love.

Do you share or listen to a lot of music on Facebook?