Is Twitter experimenting with Ajax?

There seems to be an increasing number of reports that Twitter is playing around with how your Twitter page is updated. Both Kristen Nicole from The Social Times and the folks at WebDistortion are reporting that Twitter seems to be experimenting with using Ajax to refresh user pages. As well WebDistortion has a large screen cap of what looks to be a change of the Older button to one called More. The idea being that clicking the More button will add new tweets on top of the older ones rather than refreshing the entire page.

Apparently the appearance of the More button is rather sporadic which leads the folks watching Twitter to assume that this is a feature that is still very much in the testing phases. Kirsten also notes that this would be a rather large update for Twitter

The “more” button’s sporadic appearances lead us to believe that Twitter is still in the testing phases for a new AJAX feature, which would be quite helpful for a number of users that stick to the main website for the bulk of their Twitter activity. It would also be a rather big update for Twitter, which has remained a largely basic and unchanged service since its launch.

Screen capture courtesy of WebDistortion


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