Jim Rome apologizes for tweet, makes no one feel better.

Jim Rome Apologizes For Dork Tweet, Marching Band Fans Still Angry

Jim Rome has apologized for his tweet on New Year’s Day, calling marching band members dorks.

His apology, however, doesn’t seem to have done much to calm down the upset fans of marching bands — many of which involve the military services — on social media.

Rome, of course, is no stranger to controversy. While it didn’t blow up social media or require a half-hearted apology on Twitter, Rome caught flack for an angry conversation that occurred between himself and NBA Commissioner David Stern at ESPN. In 2012, Deadspin reported that Rose had left ESPN in part because of things that were said about him in the ESPN book.

Even after Rome’s apology, a petition is circulating at Change.org, asking CBS to air the DCI World Finals in apology for Rome’s bullying tweet.

The petition says, “Calling band kids ‘dorks’ and insulting them to over 1.3 million follwers is not how we would expect a grown man to act. In response, we would like a chance for Drum Corps International’s World Championship Finals to be aired on CBS this fall. We believe that helping promote the marching arts is a step forward in the right direction, with both sports and the arts being supported.”

Another hashtag has circulated on Twitter after Rose apologized for his tweet, reminding readers that #dorkswin.

What do you think of Jim Rome’s Twitter apology? Sincere, or just sincerely sad he got caught?

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