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Suri Cruise’s $130,000 Christmas list

suri cruise $130,000

Santa may have got a shock this year when he opened Suri Cruise’s Christmas list. The child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly asked for $130,000 worth of gifts this year … and Mom and Pop obliged.

The print version of In Touch Weeklyclaims it was passed a copy of Suri’s list (hmmm), and the five-year-old’s pressie demands do indeed add up to the the price of a small apartment.

Top of the list is, inevitably, a pony. And ITW reports Tom Cruise has already located a stable for the beast to stay in near their home in Beverly Hills, at least until Princess Suri gets bored and Daisy/Star/Lucky/Sugarcube is carted off to make Pritt Sticks.

Diamond earrings and gowns also appear in Suri’s modest demands – apparently she’s after stuff that will make her “look like a fairy princess.” Cruise and Holmes are said to have splashed out willingly on everything their child has asked for. A source close to the couple told In Touch Weekly:

“Tom and Katie love the holidays and always go overboard. […] They are buying Suri absolutely everything she asks for.”

So again, that’s $130,000 on a five-year-old. This should end well for all involved. How much are you spending on your kids this Christmas, readers? Is it more than, er, $130? Perhaps as much as $1,300?

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64 Responses to “Suri Cruise’s $130,000 Christmas list”

  1. Lorretta Fuson Putnam

    I guess if you had their money then its ok for them. She is spoiled and when she gets older she will get worse.They should teach her the value of money and teach her to think of oter kids her gae that wont get nothing and if they do they would be happy with a hot wheele or a barbie.

  2. Terry Davis

    Too bad this child will grow up with a much destorted view of the world thinking the world owes her.Then reality hits she will be an adult and not know what it means to earn her way for even necessities even, very very sad if they do that regardless of if they have the ability to spend that kind of money they are teaching very bad and dangerous things here for doing so. "Sorry Miss Suri Cruz" now one child needs that! Especially when there are so many needy children going food and without one single thing for xmas.

  3. Tamara Buchle Rhodes

    Gee… I thought I went overboard. Bought her a few books and some puzzles and Candy Land and a Fisher Price kitchen and of course everything on her list. Granted my DD is only 3 and her list included a Dora Chair and Dora Sunglasses… that's it. When a childs wants are that modest you do your best to get it. I'm proud of my little one.

    Being filthy rich these folks need to be even more careful in how they raise their child. How will she ever appreciate anything if she always gets everything? As she grows up she'll want for nothing yet never feel satisfied or fulfilled. Sad life.

  4. Connie Gilland

    This is a sad story…Just imagine what they could do for children that have nothing and get nothing all year long. They are making her a brat….that no one will want to be around…None of them know the meaning of Christmas….

  5. Tammy Craddock

    That is soo extremely sad. Just because you have money does not mean you spend it so widly and on a 5 yeat old like that. REALLY! They are only hurting her in the long run. They need to grow up and be parents that teach their child to give and not always be on the recieving end of everything. What is it if one will gain the whole world and forfeit their own soul. This world is temporary and where you spend eternity is so much more important then the here and now.

  6. Aaron Allen

    How amazing would it be if that horse gets loaded off the truck in front of little Suri, only to suffer a horrible heart attack at her feet and give that poor little overprivileged child the life lesson she might someday come to appreciate?

  7. Delia Palmer

    you better wacth out this child, she end up, in a big troubled child, I can see in her eye, if the parents don't teach this child the value of the money, I wish that parent start teaching her right now, what is not right and wrong, for 5 years old kid, they should not to give this amount of gift, why not to teach her in a creative way like for example to donate to her co-children that don't have nothing, tom and ketie you have to remember without us you don't have nothing too, we are the people put you guys were you both are right now, coz we are the one paying to go movie or buying anything in an actors and actress, I don't even heard about this child anything good, just oh, she a model, she is stylist, a princes and so on, I wish people heard that she is a good little, she is good in school, she learn already how to count, and how to read a, b,c thing like that. I am very sorry for this child she going to growup, troubled child, I can see the trouble soon.

  8. Chris Kasbar

    Is this what their stupid religion teaches them. Spoil the child rotten.. What a life! I woludn't trade places with them for all the money in the world.. At least my kids appreciate what they get, especially with the way things are today.

  9. Stephanie Lomax

    I don't think the kid had a calculator in her hand! Maybe she asked for a pony and a castle, who cares! She is a 5 year old little girl. My daughter is a pink princess. Who wouldn't give their kid the world if they could. You don't know what they teach her about giving to others. Maybe they match.

  10. Traci Anderson-Banville

    Well they have to keep little Damien happy. Look what happened to Gregory Peck and Lee Remick!

  11. Delia Palmer

    I wish tom and katie you guys read all the comment the people here, so that you can learn how to hundle and teach your child about dignity, dicepline, respect, what is right and wrong, how to give back to the people, honesty and what is real and not.

  12. Judith Baur

    When parents spend inordinate amounts of money the year long on shoes and outfits for a child who would be satisfied if not living out HER parents childhood dreams, what can one expect? They haven't shown any restraint on material things up to this point (unless they have her doing free work for Scientology), so why should we expect different now? I wonder what Tom Cruise's children adopted with Nicole Kidman are getting? Maybe they don't count since she remarried. The sad part of this who production is that this child will continue life like this thanks to the fortunes her parents have accumulated, and never have to worry about money in her lifetime again. She can snap her fingers at anytime, and the desired item will appear. It's quite a sorry scenerio, as for many years people have dislike their offspring for her "I want" attitude. Who spends hundreds of dollars on an outfit for a toddler/child? Where are the limits? She'll never know if her friends like her for what she has or who she really is. Another society brat in the making. One can love your child like a princess, spending inordinate amounts of money to try and prove it is reprehensible. Another society brat in the making.

  13. Patti Bullard

    Fast Forward 2021…"Suri Cruise, 15 year old daughter of megastar Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes was arrested early yesterday for DUI and cocaine possession at her home in Malibu, Ca. Ms Cruise was observed driving her late model Ferrari at a high rate of speed on the wrong side of Pacific Coast Hwy at 3AM. She was followed to her home by CHP where she was taken into custody. This marks Ms. Cruise's 2nd brush with the law within the past 2 months. She was briefly held in October on suspicion of drug possession and shoplifting while vacationing with her parents in Las Vegas, NV. Authorities there confirmed that Ms Cruise was the primary suspect in a series of burglaries of high-end boutiques. Several valuable diamond bracelets, earrings and rings were found in her handbag along with a small amount of a controlled substance. Her parents posted bail and she was released into their custody. They did not respond to requests for comment." Say no more…

  14. Irene Stewart

    Just another reason to never see a Cruise movie. I REFUSE to put a penny in this guys' pocket. Maybe this extreme over indulgence all comes from Scientiogist brainwashing. Too bad this kid will likely grow up to be as vapid and self centered as her parents.

  15. Jennifer Dodge Blanchard

    tons of little girls ask for ponies… why not? If you got it- spend it!

  16. Valerie Singley Lonsdale

    Spoiled brat of no talent parents…. let little Suri spend an afternoon in a homeless shelter!

  17. Elgin Ford Mba

    Only stupid Americans care about this shit! Who cares? These media outlets report this shit because most Americans are so lame and long to be 'rich' so they keep reporting this garbage!

  18. Kandy Florentine

    This kid is going to have an absolutely horrible life when she understands the real world.

  19. Jane Toscano

    Suri should make Kris Jenner her manager. I'm sure the greedy Mom of the Kardashian's would be more than willing to teach Suri (she's a born spender, like Kim) her tricks of the trade and make her list way bigger $$$$$, scam the parents for more and Kris can still collect her 10%.

  20. Parvaneh Eslami

    I am not sure why people are so bitter about other's spending habits? Both parents work hard to provide, thus that is their decision how, when, and on what they should spend. This child is being born into wealth and as a result will be exposed to things others might not have a chance to experience in their lifetime.So what? My brother and I were raised by my parents the same way, however I would not say that I am being a "brat" or/and was negatively effected in any way. We were "spoiled" with everything but yet had (and still have) a sense of reality.

  21. Deborah Moth

    jail bait at the age of 11, expecting she can get away with anything, can anyone save this child from her parents excesses before it is too late? perhaps 6 months living in an African village with kids who haven't a bean would do the trick.

  22. Kelly Welly

    I don't care how much Suri's parents spend on her, but I hope they are giving her the experience of wanting something enough to earn it. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride for kids when they can do it themselves. Not allowing her this self empowerment will eventually make her confused and angry.

  23. Lalaine Marie D. Garcia

    She's a beautiful child. Would surely grow up as a beautiful woman. I just hope she doesn't grow up like a Lindsay Lohan, JLO, Paris Hilton or a Britney Spears who sluts themselves for men despite their enormous fortune. Hope she finds a real royal Prince for a husband. I guess that's how american celebrity girls grow out to be. With Tom Cruise's religion, its not very hard to imagine how she would turn out. Its not also impossible that she falls in love with a bodyguard.

  24. Melanie Pirozzi

    This kid is going to be a spoiled monster! It is sad because she is so beautiful. And the last time I checked aren't these wack jobs into scientology? Just bizzare!

  25. Melanie Pirozzi

    Lisa McCoy That is what I said. They have some nerve. They are going to celebrate xmas because their spoiled child likes gifts? Who does this?

  26. Theresa Aberle

    Just because Tom and Katie have the money to indulge Suri's every whim doesn't mean that they should. Then again, their cult teaches that children are capible of making their own decisions and should be told why an action is bad rather than hear the word no. There is nothing wrong with having money. It's the love of money that is the root of all evil and unfortunately, Suri is learning this at a young age. Rather than giving her a pony and diamond earrings, Tom and Katie should give her boundaries, discipline and teach her compassion for those who are less fortunate.

  27. Tana Mitchell

    I don't feel sorry for this brat at all. Most Hollywood parents – particularly the closeted ones like Cruise – have children to use as accessories. She isn't a "real" child, but an acoutrement to her stupid parents' lifestyle. I'm SO sick of reading that she is a "fashion icon" – as though she is old enough to have ay taste or make her own decisions. Another ten years, and a fast car and some high quality heroin will cull this herd.

  28. Tana Mitchell

    "I hope they are giving her the experience of wanting something enough to earn it". Are you serious? The bimbo and the moron? Kid doesn't stand a chance in hell.

  29. Tana Mitchell

    Stop already. ANY parent who forks over $130G in gifts is ruining their child – on purpose. I feel sorry for your children if they actually believe you'll give them anything they want. Mothers like you shouldn't be mothers.

  30. Dana Carley Toy

    Ok really people don't tell me that if you were Tom & Katie rich you wouldn't spoil your child? Really…I suppose you would give all your money to the needy! Yeah Right give me a break, hey they work for there money the same as I do and if there kid wants a pony and they can buy then so be it…get over your "well I never & would never attitude" because if you could… you would… and you know it!

  31. Laura Miller

    We don't make a ton of money like they do…we struggle from time to time. But I do spoil my kids every chance I get. If my income was larger maybe the spoils would be larger too. My daughter wears a plastic jeweled crown and says she's a princess and this year for Christmas Santa is bringing her a FurReal pony. Spoiling your kids is just something you do. If you don't have money, spoil them in other ways. It doesn't mean that I don't teach them right from wrong, or that we don't make charitable contributions. Criticisms on others parenting styles, or this innocent child is a bit ridiculous.

  32. Matt Roeger

    really people? who gives 2 shits, i can damn sure guarentee tom, katie & suri don't give a damn wether you can or cannot get your children anything for christmas. instead of worrieing about what "THE CELEBS" are doing or not doing for their children for the holidays, turn off the comp, realize you are not a celeb nor in their social circle of friends, get up off your ass and out of your fantasy world of celeb gossip and figure out what you could be doing for the people in your immediate life "YOUR FAMILY" YEAH THE FAMILY THAT THE CELEBS DOn't GIVE 2 SHITS ABOUT. WAKE UP, GET REAL AND GET A F*&%$ING LIFE.

  33. Heather Crockett

    I can honestly say that if I were in their shoes, I would spoil my children too! Who cares what religion the believe in or don't believe in for that matter. The going to work the same as everyone else. They They their money. In fact, the donate A LOT of money and time to different charities. Find something else to complain about guys! She's 5! Let her be a princess and ride her pony!

  34. Kelly Welly

    Well, I won't go to name calling. Besides, I don't think they are bad people. But yes, if what the media portrays is accurate, then they are misguided, and setting themselves and their daughter up for some future heartache. Even though it all seems over the top to the average income person, I don't really trust the media to portray things accurately.

  35. Kelly Welly

    I have to agree. It's nobody's business how much money they spend. The issue is more about teaching values, and not growing up to believe that you are entitled to every thing you see. The parents should take a cue from the royals William and Harry. They could have turned out very bad, but they actually turned out pretty good, even after losing their mom.

  36. Kelly Welly

    Wrong Tana. One good thoroughbred horse can cost in the high thousands. No need to attack people. I hope you are teaching your children better manners.

  37. Lisa McCoy

    If I was rich I most definitely would not spoil my kid rotten….sure I would buy them some nice things they want but I also have something called common sense and it does not make sense to spend that much on a three year old. I may buy them a car..but it sure as hell wouldnt be a $100,000 car, and I would make sure sure they learned to be responsible by getting some sort of part time job to help pay insurance in order to learn the value of money. And yeah, I would give a lot to charity. hell, I would start my own where I saw a need and have my kids help out. Everyone likes to spend money and have nice stuff but anyone who just spends indiscriminately and doesn't care about the welfare of others-especially kids-are just douche bags IMO.

  38. Dana Carley Toy

    how do u know they dont give to charity?? or raise there child right? she is there child and I would bet they care about her welfare?? and your point is mute, get that much money and then tell me how u would spend it…walk a mile in there shoes…people act like they shouldnt spend there money the way they want to, its there money!! I doubt you would like being told what to do with your paycheck weather it be $1000 or $1000000 its yours… spend it, keep it, give it away, donate it…you made it do with it want you want ,no matter what anyone else thinks…

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