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Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Thinks Santa Should Never Eat Alone [Video]

Gracie Lynn thinks Santa should never eat alone

Gracie Lynn loves Santa. So when she saw him eating alone at a booth in an Evansville, Indiana, Bob Evans restaurant, she decided he needed some company. Gracie soon joined the Santa look-alike — who had a flowing white beard, red suspenders, and wire-framed glasses — for breakfast after she asked her mom, Lindsey Wilson,… Read more »

Black Friday Sears Ad Leaked

black friday doorbusters

The Black Friday Sears ad leak is 64-pages and filled with discounts in every department. The annual sale begins at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening. Some Black Friday 2014 doorbusters and big ticket items offered by Sears include an RCA LED 1080p 40″ HDTV for $249. A 52″ television in the same variety will be… Read more »

Kelly Rowland’s Unborn Son Will Inspire Baby Watches

Kelly Rowland launches watch collection and plans to add baby watches in honor of her unborn son.

Kelly Rowland has had an amazing year. The singer married her manager and they are now in the last stages of expecting their first child, a boy. Sometime between those two stressful and wonderful milestones Kelly Rowland also managed to design and launch a watch collection with TW Steel. Rowland offered a statement about her… Read more »

Santa Shot In The Back During Toy Giveaway [Video]

Santa Claus shot in back during toy giveaway

A man in a Santa Claus costume who was participating in a toy giveaway was shot in the back with a pellet gun on Christmas Eve. The incident was filmed by a local TV news crew who happened to be covering the event. The Santa shooting incident occurred today on Stevens Road in the Barry… Read more »

Rebecca Romijn Shares Her Pet Friendly Christmas Card [Video]

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry O’Connell decided to send a very heartwarming holiday message to their friends and family this year. The couple posed with their twin daughters Dolly and Charlie and their 5 pets. The couple, their kids and the animals were all wearing the same bright green pajamas which were decorated with… Read more »

Los Angeles Black Santa: Kids Don’t Care About His Color

langston patterson

Santa Claus is the main attraction this time of year at any mall. But in South Los Angeles’ Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, their Santa Claus is extra special. Langston Patterson, who plays Santa Claus, has something that very few Santa’s do. He’s a black Santa in a historically white Santa world. There has been so… Read more »

Best Gift Card Deals Christmas 2014: Buy Safe and Get Freebies

gift card deals christmas 2014

The best gift card deals this Christmas are coming from restaurants that are featuring popular “buy one, get one” deals. And according to a recent survey by the Retail Gift Card Association, people want those gift cards for Christmas. “There is no longer a question that retail gift cards are the most coveted gift to… Read more »

Woman Stuffs 277 Christmas Trees Inside Her Maryland Home

Christmas Trees

The next time you think your family has gone overboard with the holiday decorations, take a moment to consider the woman who has 277 Christmas trees inside her house. Renetta Zanco of Lothian, Maryland is apparently very fond of the Christmas trees. While most people struggle to maintain one of these iconic decorations every year,… Read more »

New Jersey Mayor Puts The Christmas Back In Tree [Video]

new jersey christmas tree

A New Jersey mayor has ditched the town’s “holiday tree” for a “Christmas tree.” In an interview with Fox and Friends, mayor David Fried of Robbinsville, NJ said he finally felt that all the political correctness had gone too far and “enough was enough”. Back in 2007, due to complaints from citizens, the town changed… Read more »

Spoiled Children Complain About Their Christmas Gifts

A Spoiled Brats Christmas

Most of us are happy to have made through a rather difficult year to finally be able to celebrate the holiday season with friends or family. The year 2012 was full of political disagreements, economic hardship, and terrible tragedies like Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut. Citizens across America lost their jobs and their homes this… Read more »

Creepy, Cruel, And Downright Frightening European Christmas Legends

Have A Scary Little Cristmas

America is a Johnny Come Lately when it comes to cruel, wicked, frightening, and downright evil Christmas legends. Europeans have been at it for almost two millennium, and they have come up with more ways to frighten kids into behaving before the holidays than you could ever imagine. On this side of the pond, parents… Read more »