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Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Is In The Works

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has apparently accepted a sixth mission in the hit Mission: Impossible movie franchise. The fifth installment of the franchise was just released in the U.S. this weekend. However, the 53-year-old actor confirmed in a recent interview that Mission: Impossible 6 is already in the works. Is Tom Cruise already working on #MissionImpossible 6?… Read more »

Tom Cruise Up For ‘Top Gun 2’ But With A Catch

Tom Cruise Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise last felt “the need, the need for speed” nearly 30 years ago, but he said recently that he’d dust off his aviator glasses for Top Gun 2 as long as the planes aren’t made with computers. Reuters reports that Cruise spoke about Top Gun 2 while attending the premiere of his latest Mission:… Read more »

Tom Cruise Plane Stunt: What The Director Feared Most

Tom Cruise Plane Stunt: What The Director Feared Most

The Tom Cruise plane stunt for the upcoming movie Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation may have been the most death-defying stunt in Tom Cruise’s career. The movie stunt coordinator was able to take every precaution that he could control. Cruise was tethered to the plane, camera securely mounted, Cruise wore special contacts so his eyes… Read more »

Tom Cruise Kicks Niece Out Of Family For Making Out With A Boy [Rumor]


Actor Tom Cruise, well-known for his faithful devotion to the Church of Scientology, has been accused of kicking his teenage niece out of the family and banning her to a different state. According to an interview this week with Nick Lister, a former Scientologist, in 2004, Cruise’s niece, Jamie Lesavoy, was removed from her family… Read more »

Why Nicole Kidman Refuses To Talk About Scientology

Honoree Nicole Kidman, recipient of The Crystal Award for Excellence in Film, poses backstage at the Women In Film 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards Presented by Max Mara, BMW of North America, and Tiffany & Co. at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on June 16, 2015 in Century City, California.

By all accounts, Nicole Kidman is a delight to speak with in interviews and, even though Nicole seems to be an open book about every aspect of her life, don’t ask Ms. Kidman about Scientology. It wasn’t just the recent interview with Vogue that had Kidman declining to speak about Scientology, either. Nicole also refused… Read more »

Tom Cruise Renews His Dedication to Scientology With A Global Agenda

Actor Tom Cruise attends the 'Edge Of Tomorrow' red carpet repeat fan premiere tour at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on May 28, 2014 in New York City.

In recent months, it seemed that Tom Cruise had been distancing himself from Scientology. There was even talk that Cruise had made the decision to leave Scientology for daughter, Suri Cruise, who Tom has reportedly not seen regularly due to the Church of Scientology labeling both Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes as “Suppressive Persons.” As… Read more »

Tom Cruise Parties With Nashville Locals Through The Independence Day Weekend

Tom Cruise surprises Nashville locals, when he shows up to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend.

Tom Cruise may be one of the few Hollywood stars to still feel meek enough to spend time in the company of fans. Cruise possibly proved himself more down-to-earth than many previously thought, when he spent the Independence Day weekend, which also coincides with Cruise’s own birthday, partying with Nashville, Tennessee, locals. For those spending… Read more »

Laura Prepon From ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Credits Scientology For Her Acting Chops, ‘It’s Magic’

Laura Prepon From 'Orange Is The New Black' Credits Scientology For Her Acting Chops, 'It's Magic'

Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon credits the controversial religion Scientology for her award-winning performances, according to an interview Prepon did with the exclusive Scientologist magazine Celebrity. The magazine, which keeps members apprised of the goings-on of the religion’s celebrity believers, is typically given to members only, but the owner of the Laura… Read more »

Katie Holmes Shares A Rare Public Outing With Daughter Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Disneyland

Understandably, Katie Holmes has gone to great lengths to protect young Suri Cruise from exposure to the public and especially the media, but this past weekend Ms. Holmes made a rare exception to that rule. Katie shared a photo of herself and daughter Suri Cruise enjoying a day at Disneyland. Nothing like a day @disneyland… Read more »

Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Will Pit Old Pilot Against New Tech

Tom Cruise has been confirmed to reprise the role of Maverick in the 'Top Gun' sequel.

The proposed plot of the Top Gun sequel will update the age-old tale of man against machine with Tom Cruise taking the lead as a remnant of old-school fighter pilots facing extinction against the uprising of unmanned drones. The official word from Skydance’s David Ellison is that Tom Cruise has been confirmed to return to… Read more »

Katie Holmes Has A New Living Arrangement – Just Ask Jamie Foxx

Actress Katie Holmes attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

Although Katie Holmes has denied in the past, it seems Ms. Holmes is dating Jamie Foxx and has been for sometime. Katie has apparently been spending nights with Mr. Foxx, according to sources close to the situation, and the evenings spent together have left Ms. Holmes appearing happy and relaxed. “Katie is at Jamie’s house… Read more »

Tom Cruise Has Been Distancing Himself From Scientology, But Why?

Actor Tom Cruise speaks onstage during The State of the Industry: Past, Present and Future and Paramount Pictures Presentation at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace during CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, on April, 21, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Most people know that Tom Cruise is a member of Scientology. So much so in fact that, as the subject of Scientology is broached in any conversation, Cruise’s name is almost always the first to be mentioned. There have even been accusations that Scientology is to blame for Tom’s failed marriages to both Nicole Kidman… Read more »