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Katherine Heigl Poses Topless, Hates Balls [Video]

funny or die

At the end of every episode of the “Price is Right,” Bob Barker turned to his audience and said “remember to spay or neuter your pets.” Katherine Heigl has a sexier, funnier, more cringe inducing way of getting her point across.

Heigl says:

“I’m movie star and Maxim 100 member Katherine Heigl. I work with the Jason Debus Heigl foundation and a lot of people come up to me and say, ‘Katherine, you promote neutering so much, you must really love animals…’ But the real reason I want you to neuter your pets… I hate balls.”

Heigl and the Jason Debus Heigl foundation just launched and filmed a great PSA with Funny or Die to encourage people to neuter their pets. Heigl also posed topless on the cover of US Magazine to promote her new site.

katherine heigle

So why does Katherine Heigl hate balls?

“5 million reasons. That’s the number of pets killed every year in shelters. Join our campaign to rid the world of crotch plums!”

Here’s her PSA from Funny or Die.

You can donate $5 to the Jason Debus Heigl foundation by texting SNIP to 20222 or $10 by texting FIXIT to 20222. You can also buy shirts and underwear to support the cause on her website. also encourages people to adopt animals from shelters, to support local animal causes, or to foster a pet by giving it a temporary home.

Do you support Katherine Heigl’s plot to rid the world of balls?

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18 Responses to “Katherine Heigl Poses Topless, Hates Balls [Video]”

  1. Roger Sharpe

    Egotistical feminist!!! If so male actor was out there broadcasting. "I hate clits". I bet the women on here would be posting in anger. Instead of "Oh I thought it was funny". Katherine needs to gain so verbal morality. Then possibly I could pay respect to the cause. But now she's lost me..

  2. Debbie Morgan

    I'm surprised with her moral upbringing she would resort to this. I understand your love for animals but do it with dignity and taste!

  3. David Sentell

    When her career started she was fresh and beautiful looking, but it looks like Hollywood is having it's lovely plastic way with her…why are her eyes tilted up so much? They are not shaped the same as in earlier photos and her upper lip looks like got attacked by a killer bee moments before the photo shoot…and she was really, naturally beautiful.Thoreau says to beware any enterprise that requires new clothes…wonder what he would think of an enterprise that requires new facial features?

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