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WWE News: Former WWE Diva Sunny Resorting To ‘Selling’ Herself On Skype

In what can only be seen as a brand new low for the former WWE Diva, Tammy Sytch is now allegedly selling herself on Skype. Sytch is better known by her work in WWE as the gorgeous Sunny. After her WWE run was up, it seemed that Sunny never really went anywhere of note and ended up going downhill fast. She was working on the Independent scene, but she had not worked anywhere of note after WWE.

She was let go from WWE for numerous reasons. The first reason was that she frequently missed dates she was set to appear. No-shows are a bad thing in WWE and not tolerated at all. Back then, however, while it was a no-no, a person with the popularity of Sunny most likely could get away with it every once in a while. The main reason she was fired was that she allegedly was a frequent disruption backstage and even had a drug problem.

It seemed a little after she left WWE and things cooled down, she was out of the news and nothing major was going on. She seemed okay and happy.

WWE felt that they needed to induct the original Diva in the Hall of Fame. So in 2011, Sunny was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Since then, however, she has gone downhill in roller coaster fashion. She ended up seemingly getting involved in drugs and alcohol and went off the rails after a break up with her boyfriend and wrestler Damien Darling. In 2012, she was arrested five times in a four week span for disorderly conduct, third degree burglary, and three counts of violating a protective order.

She was then in trouble in January of 2013 for once again violating a protective order and went to jail for the sixth time. She ended up serving 114 days in jail and was released in March of 2013. She has been in and out of rehab. WWE funded various trips but eventually stopped when they claimed it “obviously isn’t working.”

While in prison, she found out that she had cervical cancer but due to a hysterectomy, she ended up cancer free.

Now she finds herself back in the public eye for yet another bad reason. She is allegedly selling herself on Skype. According to the Examiner, she went to Twitter talking up her new venture. She told the world that she will Skype with with people for money, including showing her breasts for $50 (for 10 minutes) and “even more” for $100 (10 minutes). Guess that is all it takes now, guys.

WWE Diva Sunny

This was the official email sent out to perspective customers from Sunny.


“I’ll be Skyping tonight after 7pm eastern time”

“It’s $10 for every 4 minutes of regular chat”

“$50 for 10 minutes with some skin (boobs)”

“$100 for 10 minutes to see a whole lot more ;)”

“Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll give you payment info”

“Once payment comes thru, I’ll contact you to set up a time”

“It’s a lot of fun! And you can do whatever you want on your end”

“Tam xoxo [sic]”

The fact that she’s willing to sell herself is a bit controversial for many, but the act is most likely a scream of desperation. She is in need of money and this is a good way, to her, to bring in the cash. Obviously, flipping burgers for money is beyond her.

It is claimed that Vivid Entertainment (an adult film company) is interested in working with her on a movie. Obviously we’ve seen former WWE Diva Chyna get involved in the adult film industry, so Sunny would not be the first.

It is a sad period for two of WWE’s better Divas from the 90’s. Men wanted to be with Sunny back then — she was a bombshell. She had everything. Now, she is losing what made everything work for her before. She is now in a period in her life that she wants to get money quick and easy. Hard work is unneeded when you have “assets” to exploit.

Clearly WWE is distancing themselves from the WWE Hall of Famer, sadly it cannot be ignored that she worked for the company and was one of their most popular Divas. At least Sunny waited until after her Hall of Fame period to go into a weird life, as if it wasn’t already weird enough before.

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