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iPhone Activation Proving Impossible


Apple appears to be overwhelmed with new iPhone subscribers. New owners trying to activate their devices are running into a bevy of problems with the iTunes-run activation site — and are thus being left with useless electronic boxes.

The issues are plaguing store activations and home-based attempts for both new iPhones and first-generation firmware updates. For now, Apple says it’s “working on a solution.” AT&T is officially asking customers to take their phones home to activate later, once things are back up and running.

If only Apple could have somehow known in advance that there would have been such a rush of activity today, maybe they could have prevented this.

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6 Responses to “iPhone Activation Proving Impossible”

  1. Kevin C. Tofel

    Sadly, it's not just “new iPhone subscribers”. Current customers / subscribers are in the same boat, which makes it even worse IMO. Thrilled that I upgraded my first-gen iPhone to firmware 2.0 yesterday morning at this point! :)

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