Rey Mysterio

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Reportedly Finished With WWE?

Just like the CM Punk situation, this has the potential to become a very ugly legal battle between the WWE and Rey Mysterio. The Mexican superstar, who been with the WWE since 2002 after defecting from World Championship Wrestling, wants out of his contract and the WWE is not inclined to let him go.

Much like the WCW Cruiserweight division, Mysterio was an extremely hot commodity. Nobody could outwork the cruiserweights, and just like Booker T said on a recent episode of Monday Night Wars, nobody wanted to follow them in a show.

Rey Mysterio is arguably the best cruiserweight of all-time. The moves he could pull off in ring flat-out drops the jaws of the fans and even other wrestlers. His match with Eddie Guerrero at Halloween Havoc is still in the conversation for best wrestling match of all-time.

That being said, his worth in the WWE drastically fell in 2011, and it has only fallen further year-after-year. Then, in a mid-summer report by the Inquisitr, Mysterio was reported to be leaving the WWE. Since that story in August, nothing seems to have been resolved, but now, is reporting that a former-WWE announcer said Mysterio’s departure from the WWE is near completion.

“According to The Wrestling Observer, former WWE Spanish broadcasting announcer Hugo Savinovich, who now works behind the scenes for AAA, recently told KGB Wrestling that Rey Mysterio is done with WWE and will return to AAA once his WWE deal expires.”

“WWE reportedly wants Mysterio to return to the ring, but it seems as if he doesn’t want to return. As we have noted in the past however, because of an injury clause in his contract, WWE does have the option of renewing Rey Mysterio’s contract for the same amount of time he missed due to injury.”

For a company that prides themselves on working well with the Mexican demographic, their recent actions with Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio, and now, Rey Mysterio, don’t suggest that at all. Ringside News is reporting that the WWE lied to Mexican fans about Sin Cara and the usage of his name on another superstar.

All of this drama with Rey Mysterio could’ve been avoided if the WWE just released him from his contract when it expired. Instead, Vince McMahon and the decision-makers behind the scenes extended his contract, just to keep him with the company. Mysterio won’t be able to wrestle for three years, which is understandable. Extending him made no sense to the company, when he hasn’t been on WWE television in months. The least they could do is use him as a trainer backstage.

Mysterio isn’t working the dates the WWE wants him to. Reports say he will be leaving the WWE as soon as his contract expires. Could this be the next CM Punk court case?

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