iPhone 4 Video shooting

Secret Smartphone Videos Survey Reveals What People Like To Capture

While “sexting” might be the hot button issue for many Smartphone photo and video takers there are other activities that believe it or not actually end up consuming more of an amateur videographers time.

According to a recent report by the Baltimore Sun the following video captures are the most common among Smartphone users:

  • 23%: People in embarrassing outfits.
  • 15%: A person tripping or falling.
  • 10%: A sexy waitress.
  • 9%: A shirtless hunk mowing the neighbor’s lawn.
  • 7%: Cheerleaders.
  • 7%: A boss or co-worker eating a second donut.
  • 6%: Repulsive grooming habits.

It should be noted that only 50% of those surveyed said they would take a secret video using their Smartphones which means the answers above only represent half of the actual Smartphone using market.

With HD recording capabilities now available on most new to market Smartphones I can’t say it surprises me that so many secret videos are being recorded, although the subject matter is something completely different than what I would have suspected.

Have you taken a secret Smartphone video? What was your video about?