Google Profit Chart Month Over Month

Google Earnings Call Shows Nearly $10 Billion In Revenues, 200 Million Chrome Browser Users

Google on Thursday afternoon announced their Q3 2011 earnings and as expected the company continued to see an upswing in revenue, beating expectations while providing some insight into the company’s growth.

According to the earnings call Google managed to bring in $9.72 billion in revenue during Q3, a 33 percent jump year-over-year when compared to 2010 numbers. The company also announced net income of $2.73 billion which is also up from the same period in 2010 when net income sat at $2.17 billion.

Along with earnings news the tech firm also announced that the Google+ platform has been a success so far by reaching the 40 million user milestone in less than six months time. In a bit of PR spin the company said in their financial report that “people are flocking into Google+ at an incredible rate.”

Google CEO Larry Page also announced that more than 190 million Android phones are now activated around the world while 200 million people have downloaded the Chrome web browser although they haven’t said how many of those Chrome downloads come from active users of the browsing platform.

Because of the company’s tremendous growth Page says they had to hire 10 percent more employees in the last three months bringing the company’s total workforce to 31,353 full-time employees as of September 30th, 2011.

Does it surprise you that Google has managed to grab so many technology users in so many aspects of the technology sector from search and social networking to mobile telephony?