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GG1 — New Version Of Google Glass Might Not Resemble Glasses


GG1 is the code name given to a new piece of Google hardware being tested at the United States Federal Communications Commission, and many experts are surmising that it is a new version of Google Glass technology. Google originally released its Google Glass product to the world on April 15 for a serious price tag… Read more »

Google Photos Auto-Tagging Feature Labels Two Black Americans As ‘Gorillas’


Google was forced to issue an apology on Monday after its image recognition software, Google Photos, failed spectacularly by labeling photos and the folder containing photos of an African American couple as “Gorillas.” A bug in the image recognition software’s auto-tagging feature which helps to group photos uploaded to the Google service, labeled the folder… Read more »

Revenge Porn? Snappening Victim? Google Wants To Help

Snappening, revenge porn: not on Google

Revenge porn, “Snappening,” hacked or stolen phones or computers — there are quite a few ways a person ends up with nude photos on the web, without ever knowing. However, Google is doing its part to help. The site announced yesterday that it will soon give victims the opportunity to remove photos posted without permission… Read more »

Why The CEO Of Zenefits Had A ‘Tantrum’ And Told A Qualified Applicant To Work For Google Or Uber Instead

Parker Conrad

One of the biggest new start-up companies is Zenefits, a business that provides cloud-based software to companies managing human resources and healthcare coverage. But despite Zenefits’ recent success, the company’s CEO Parker Conrad was recently seen encouraging a potential employee to work for either Uber or Google, instead of Zenefits. According to Business Insider, a… Read more »