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‘Google Play For Education’ Comes To Canada

'Google Play for Education' Comes To Canada

Google Play for Education, an education-focused app store designed to cater specifically to schools and teachers, has come to Canada, alongside an announcement from Google that Canadian schools will now be able to order Android tablets directly from Google, as per an article on MobileSyrup. Google’s product manager for Google Play for Education, Rick Borovoy,… Read more »

Google Maps Becomes Giant Pac-Man Game And The Internet Cheers

Google Maps turn into Pac-Man game

Google loves Pac-Man, and it loves screwing with us on April Fool’s Day. So it has combined the two and turned the world into a sprawling vintage arcade game. This fun treat is logically – and wonderfully – called “PAC-Maps” and allows time-wasters to munch dots and chase ghosts down the world’s streets. Google calls… Read more »

UFO Discovered On Google Earth With ‘Alien Head’ Sticking Out

UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map

An anonymous source in Newfoundland said he spotted a UFO in Trout Creek, Montana, on Google Earth. This information was provided to Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, who, after investigating, noticed an alien head sticking out of the top of the object. Posting an analysis of the photo on his YouTube channel, Waring noted,… Read more »

Google Will Be Launching A US Mobile Network


Software behemoth Google is planning to launch a small mobile network across the US, a report from City A.M. can confirm. The move is seen as a potential threat to competing telecoms businesses, such as AT&T, as the search engine giants add another avenue of communication to their empire. The project aims to allow users… Read more »

Digit Is The App For Anyone Who Stinks At Saving Money

Digit App Saves You Money

The Digit App went live on Thursday, and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t have the discipline to save money on your own, this could really change everything about your life. Most people mismanage their money in little ways that add up, thus convincing them that they don’t have the ability to save…. Read more »

Google Changes Its ‘Vague’ Privacy Policy


Pressure from watchdogs has forced Google to change its privacy policy in the UK, which will make it easier for users to see how their personal data is being used by the search engine giants. According to a report from BBC News, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that Google’s policy was “too vague when… Read more »

Google Poised To Invest $1 Billion In SpaceX Internet

SpaceX Cargo Capsule

Technology blog The Information has reported that Google Inc. is close to investing about $1 billion in SpaceX to support the company’s efforts to deliver global internet access via a network of satellites. SpaceX founder Elon Musk hopes the project will lead to fulfillment of his dream of traveling to Mars, the Inquisitr reported on… Read more »

2014 Trending Topics Highlighted By Google Doodle

2014 Trending Topics Google Doodle

The animated Google Doodle which adorned the world’s most popular search site yesterday highlighted 2014 trending topics with a quick representation of every topic that became popularized in 2014. The doodle moves through a “2014” animation of trending topics in a playful reminder of what we searched for during the year. It begins with a… Read more »

‘Goliath’ Is Not Amused: Google Hits Out At MPAA, Files Lawsuit

Goliath Is Not Amused Google Sues MPAA

Google is not happy about “Project Goliath.” If you missed it, “Goliath” came out during the ongoing Sony hacker crisis. Thanks to leaked emails, we all learned that the Motion Picture Association of America has taken certain, less than ethical, steps towards combating Google, a perceived threat of their pro-SOPA endeavors. Google moves to halt… Read more »