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Google Buys Streaming Site Twitch for $1 Billion

google buys twitch

It was rumored back in March that Twitch, the popular game streaming website, would be bought out by YouTube, but it looks like the deal finally went public on Friday. Venture Beat reports that Google officially bought Twitch for a cool $1 billion. While neither Twitch nor Google have commented — specifics about this merger… Read more »

Twitch Officially Welcomed Into The Fold By Google

Twitch officially purchased by Google

Twitch had long been rumored to be getting wooed by Google, and this weekend the purchase became official. For those that aren’t familiar with the video gaming world, Twitch is a website that is dedicated towards allowing people to stream their individual games. This has allowed people to use Twitch to share their exploits in… Read more »

Project Zero: Google Hires Bug-Hunting Hackers To Eliminate Security Flaws

Project Zero: Google Hires Team Of Hackers

Project Zero was announced Tuesday by Google, which is the company’s hired team of hackers tasked with searching for bugs and security flaws. In the security world, bugs that can be used for hacking are called “zero-day” vulnerabilities, which are then exploited by criminals, governments, and intelligence agencies, according to Wired. Hackers not only use… Read more »

Google Plus Drops Real-Name Policy

Google Drops Real-Name Policy

Google Plus recently dropped its name policy, which required users to use their real names. When Google Plus first started over three years ago, they had a lot of restrictions on names — well, one restriction: You had to use your real name. As the company put it, the real-name policy was enforced so it… Read more »

Google Partnership With Novartis’ Alcon To Create Smart Contact Lens

Google to create Smart Contact Lens

On Tuesday, Google announced that it will be partnering with European pharmaceutical company Novartis to create a contact lens that will have the capabilities to monitor the wearer’s blood sugar levels. The Smart Contact Lens brings Google in line with Apple and Samsung as it enters the healthcare market. The cost of the partnership has… Read more »

Google Struggles With 70,000 ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Requests; Shady Politicians, Violent Criminals Want To Be Forgotten


Although Google has vocally expressed its opposition to a new European law that requires them to remove any searchable link upon user request, the search engine giant is currently working hard to comply with the controversial ruling. According to execs, Google is currently struggling to address more than 70,000 “right to be forgotten” requests. According… Read more »

Google Buys Songza, Will Blend Streaming Music Service With Google Play

Google Buys Songza

Google announced Tuesday that it is the proud new owner of its very own streaming music service, Songza. Acquiring the Queens, New York-based company, believed to have cost Google just $15 million, puts Google squarely into the streaming music game alongside such competing internet giants as Apple and Amazon Apple’s recent $3 billion takeover of… Read more »

Google Is Shutting Down Orkut, Its Oldest Social Networking Platform

Google Orkut Shut Down

Google has finally decided to shut down its once popular social networking website, Orkut. The website, which completed a decade of its existence back in January this year had long lost the social networking battle to rivals like Facebook and Twitter. While it might not have been very popular in Europe and North America, for… Read more »

MPAA Reboots Movie Piracy With Takedown Request

MPAA Kickstarts Movie Piracy Site

The MPAA (or Motion Picture Association of America) has once again proven what a complete waste of time it is when it comes to fighting movie piracy. In a misguided effort to get the subreddit FullLengthFilms removed from Google search results, the MPAA single-handedly caused a traffic surge of 300,000 daily clicks to the ailing… Read more »

Google Glass Promotes Its Worth Through The Eyes Of London [VIDEO]

Google glass

Google has been trying to promote their newest product, the Google Glass, as the next big thing in technology and gadgetry. Unfortunately for them, the new tech has been marred with negativity and aggression. So what does Google have to do to open up Google Glass to the public? Simply show it off in everyday… Read more »

Why Google’s Nest Acquiring Dropcam Is A Perfect Step in The Right Direction

Nest Dropcam

Google has always harbored a dream of extending its reach within home automation. Hence it germinated the Nest department; a section dedicated wholly to the development of products that intelligently assist occupants to enhance the intelligence of their homes. Recently the Nest division appeared quite keen to acquire Dropcam, a company that make networked cameras… Read more »

Google Street View Axe Murder: Secret Behind Shocking Images Revealed

Google Street View Axe Murder

Google Street View, in its attempt to photograph and upload digital images of every inch of dry land on Planet Earth, has captured some weird, embarrassing and sometimes disturbing images. From robberies and drug deals, to public sex acts, people picking their noses or urinating, dogs doing things dogs do and people just dressed up… Read more »

Google’s Self-Driving Car: Details Have Been Revealed [VIDEO]

Google Car

Google unveiled the first generation of its long-rumored self driving car today on its official company blog, revealing that it will soon be testing about 200 of its two-seat, teardrop shaped commuter buggies. The project, which has been the subject of speculation on tech blog’s for at least two years, is apparently now ready for… Read more »

Google Glasses Cause Headaches – Still Worth $1500?

Title Pic Google Glass

Google Glasses are the way of the future, paired closely with Tylenol. The gadget costs a staggering $1500 and comes with a warning to use it only for ‘micro-interaction.’ The disclaimer was added after consumers frequently complained about eye pain and headaches while using the sleek super-shades. The way-of-the-future gadget seems to always be in… Read more »

Google Glass Users Viciously Pan NYC Restaurant

Feast, an eatery in NYC's East Village

Google Glass users are pushing back after an incident that took place in NYC’s East Village, lobbing poor reviews at a restaurant that asked a user to remove the wearable tech. The event transpired last April, according to Mashable, when Katy Kasmai, a Google Glass user, was asked to remove her Glass when dining at… Read more »

Google-YouTube Is Totally Buying Twitch For $1B. Here’s Why


Get ready to have Google Now suggest ways for you to not suck so bad at Spelunky. According to new reports, Google’s YouTube is in talks to buy the Twitch video game-streaming service for a cool billion. This is the sort of thing where neither company will say anything until the ink is well dried… Read more »

White House Advisors Demand Internet Bill Of Rights


Three months ago President Obama put together a group to study internet privacy, the use of collected data, and other concerns to the public spawned in the light of recent spying concerns risen from the NSA. As the report neared completion, the White House posted a public consultation that the citizens of the US could… Read more »

New ‘Kill Switch’ To Become Standard In Cell Phones

Kill switch in cell phone to be the new anti-theft measure.

Cell phone theft is on the rise in many countries. In the U.S., pressures from law makers and consumers have pushed companies to acknowledge the need for countermeasures. After July 2015, all new wireless devices associated with the companies that are part of the agreement will have access to a ‘kill switch.’ Although many believe… Read more »

Titan Aerospace Purchased By Google: Corporate Aerial Drones On The Way

Titan Aerospace

Titan Aerospace is just one of the many companies Google has been purchasing over the last few months. Other recent purchases by Google include military robot maker Boston Dynamics and smart-home device manufacturer Nest. So far the price Google paid for Titan Aerospace has been undisclosed. Titan Aerospace is noteworthy because they manufacture high-altitude solar-powered… Read more »

Google Now: Finally on Google Chrome

Google Now On Chrome

Google Now, a venture by Google which started on Android devices and moved to iOS is now available on Google Chrome on laptop or desktops. This years long odyssey has been a painstakingly slow process as Google methodically perfected this feature. The feature showed for the first time with support on Google Chrome updates last… Read more »

Government Deletes Mark Dice’s Youtube Channel, Orwellian Censorship?

Mark Dice

Mark Dice has never cowered when it comes to exposing the powers and propaganda of the New World Order. Unfortunately for Mark, the government doesn’t share in his crusade recently deleting Mark’s Youtube channel. According to Mark Dice’s Facebook Page, Mark’s primary Youtube channel, consisting of 265,000 subscribers, over 800 videos, and 55 million views,… Read more »