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New ‘Kill Switch’ To Become Standard In Cell Phones

Kill switch in cell phone to be the new anti-theft measure.

Cell phone theft is on the rise in many countries. In the U.S., pressures from law makers and consumers have pushed companies to acknowledge the need for countermeasures. After July 2015, all new wireless devices associated with the companies that are part of the agreement will have access to a ‘kill switch.’ Although many believe… Read more »

Titan Aerospace Purchased By Google: Corporate Aerial Drones On The Way

Titan Aerospace

Titan Aerospace is just one of the many companies Google has been purchasing over the last few months. Other recent purchases by Google include military robot maker Boston Dynamics and smart-home device manufacturer Nest. So far the price Google paid for Titan Aerospace has been undisclosed. Titan Aerospace is noteworthy because they manufacture high-altitude solar-powered… Read more »

Google Now: Finally on Google Chrome

Google Now On Chrome

Google Now, a venture by Google which started on Android devices and moved to iOS is now available on Google Chrome on laptop or desktops. This years long odyssey has been a painstakingly slow process as Google methodically perfected this feature. The feature showed for the first time with support on Google Chrome updates last… Read more »

Government Deletes Mark Dice’s Youtube Channel, Orwellian Censorship?

Mark Dice

Mark Dice has never cowered when it comes to exposing the powers and propaganda of the New World Order. Unfortunately for Mark, the government doesn’t share in his crusade recently deleting Mark’s Youtube channel. According to Mark Dice’s Facebook Page, Mark’s primary Youtube channel, consisting of 265,000 subscribers, over 800 videos, and 55 million views,… Read more »

Google Introduces Android Wear, An Operating System For Wearables

Google Android Wear platform

After conquering the smartphones space, Google has set its sight on the next big thing on the horizon. Wearable gadgets. In a blog post earlier today, the company’s SVP for Android, Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai announced the birth of Android Wear, an operating system for wearable gadgets – more specifically, smartwatches – in its… Read more »

Flappy Bird Knockoffs Rejected By Google And Apple

Flappy Bird Clones

The Flappy Bird craze seems to be far from over. Just looking at the Google Play Store there are at least six Flappy Bird knockoffs listed in the top 30 new free games. As the popularity of Flappy Bird and it’s knockoffs seem to keep rising, both Google and Apple reportedly will start cracking down… Read more »

Gmail Goes Down Across The World, Hilarity Ensues

Gmail Down

Can you read me now? Good! Gmail and other Google services such as Google+ and YouTube suffered from a service outage Friday, affecting hundreds of millions across the globe. So what caused the mysterious outage? Well, that has yet to be determined. According to the Chicago Tribune, Google first acknowledged the outage at 11:12 am… Read more »

Jailed Over Google Invite? G+ Invitation Gets One Man Locked Up


Although most would consider this a rare disconcerting nightmare, for Thomas Gagnon of Massachusetts, its more like a ‘worse case scenario’ of reality. According to ABC News, Gagnon was arrested and taken into custody for sending his ex-girlfriend an email invitation to join the Google+ social media platform. Now, some may be wondering how exactly… Read more »

Robots Won’t Take Over The World: But They Might Help at Home

Robots will be more friendly than the terminator

The US government had cool plans for robotic technology to take a significant role in the military, but since the government has basically gone broke they’ve cut funding from some really cool stuff. While that has meant trouble for Boston Dynamics who had already developed some ridiculous robots, like ones that look like a cow,… Read more »

Google May Be Working On An Android Set-Top Box

Google May Be Working On An Android Set-Top Box

As tech companies continue to compete for the living room, Google is reportedly trying to enter the set-top market as well in order to compete against Apple, Roku, and others. The set-top box which is rumored to be in the works for a 2014 release will be based on Android however, Google is taking a… Read more »

Google Wins Big In Book Lawsuit

google books lawsuit

It’s hard to imagine a copyright lawsuit going on for eight years, but that is exactly what has happened with Google, after a lawsuit was initiated against the search giant in 2005. The Authors Guild sued Google because of its online Google Books service, which has grown into the largest book scanning project on the… Read more »

Google Transparency Report Shows US Government Increased Data Requests

Google Transparency Report Shows US Government Increased Data Requests

Since 2010, when Google first released a transparency report, the US Government has tripled its total requests for user information, according to Google’s latest statement. While this increase corresponds with the increase in data that the NSA requested, the two are not directly connected. Google’s 2013 transparency report shows that since 2010, it has received… Read more »

Google Chromebook 11 Overheating Issue Stops Sales

google chromebook 11 hp overheating

Google and HP have temporarily stopped the sale of the Chromebook 11 after multiple customers reported that the device’s charger was overheating. HP confirmed that it had requested US stores to stop selling the Chromebook 11 after The Verge reported that Best Buy was no longer offering the device. According to HP, the overheating issue… Read more »

Google Barges Nothing More Than Showrooms

google barges

Journalists and analysts alike had a fun time speculating about the two barges connected to Google just a few weeks ago. Since pictures and information came out regarding the barges, people assumed that Google was building two floating water-cooled data centers. Despite having a patent for this sort of data center, Google is not actually… Read more »

iGoogle Officially Shutdown, The End Of Personalized Google

igoogle shutdown

Since July we have known that Google would but shutting down its personalized homepage service, iGoogle. That time has finally come with iGoogle officially being shutdown after being around for eight years. iGoogle was a relatively popular service but development for it seemed to slow down as time went on and once 2013 came, Google… Read more »

Google Glass Use Results In Driver Being Ticketed

Google Glass

A Google Glass explorer was ticketed in California for using the new wearable piece of technology while operating her motor vehicle. Cecilia Abadie was pulled over near San Diego for speeding, but a second citation was given simply because she was using Google Glass, which according to the cop and her ticket, was the same… Read more »

Google Selling Facebook Ads Via FBX Platform

Google Selling Facebook FBX Ads

Google and Facebook are facing off in the social networking space, however, that hasn’t stopped Google from selling Facebook FBX ad inventory. The new partnership will be run by Google’s DoubleClick platform and will allow customers to buy FBX ad inventory through its Bid Manager product. On the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog, the company writes: “Partnership… Read more »

Google Stock Hits $1,000 Per Share

Google Stock Over 1000 Dollars

Google stock has hit $1,000 per share for the first time in company history. The search giant topped the $1,000 mark on Friday, making it one of the few businesses to reach that impressive milestone. Google joins Berkshire Hathaway, Priceline, and several other companies that have passed the 1K marker. Google, Inc. executives watched as… Read more »

‘Team Madleets’ Performs DNS Hack Against Google Malaysia

Google Malaysia - DNS Hack by Team Madleet

Google’s Malaysian website was hacked on Thursday and the hackers used a DNS trick to replace the company’s splash screen with a “Team Madleets” message. The Google Malaysia website was offline for several hours on Thursday afternoon as engineers worked to fix the problem. Listed on the homepage were a list of hacker handles provided… Read more »