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Ryanair To Remove Bathrooms, Add More Seats


Europe’s biggest airline Ryanair is preparing to make their customers flights even more uncomfortable by removing bathrooms from each of their aircraft.

According to the company they are asking Boeing to recertify their airplanes after they have removed two of three bathrooms while adding six more seats.

All Ryanair flights use the Boeing 737-800 aircraft which holds 189 seats and the company hopes to add the new seats to accommodate even more passengers which ironically would lead to more use of bathroom facilities.

It was previously reported that Ryanair wanted to charge customers for bathroom use but recently they changed their mind and decided to instead remove the facilities all together.

According to Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary:

“We very rarely use all three toilets on board our aircraft anyway,” while he adds that the move “would fundamentally lower air fares by about 5% for all passengers.”

It should be noted that most Ryanair flights are short range, typically lasting no more than 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Boeing has not yet decided whether they will recertify the aircraft with the new setup. In the meantime I typically have to wait 20 minutes to use the laboratories available on planes with three bathrooms, perhaps people just urinate less in Europe. Keep in mind this is the same CEO who wanted to get rid of co-pilots to cut costs.

Would you be willing to pay 5% more for a flight if extra bathrooms were provided or does a price discount with only one toilet sound like a good deal?

I personally want to know where the remaining bathroom will be placed, I’m assuming in first class where only one bathroom is provided in the first place.

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5 Responses to “Ryanair To Remove Bathrooms, Add More Seats”

  1. Ahmed Airlinologist

    The pursuit of Ryanair for finding new ways to squeeze more passengers inside its planes will never end. The airline's last move to reduce the number of lavatories on board came as no surprise to anyone observing Ryanair.
    Would it be too bizarre for Ryanair to think of accommodating air passengers inside the cargo hold of the aircraft?
    One of my blog posts was about the same mentality of Ryanair. It is located here (

  2. David Thaler

    OK, first of all, unless research is being conducted, you're waiting 20 minutes to use the LAVATORIES, not tje LABORATORIES. Second, their assumption that no one will need a bathroom for 41/2 hours is just plain silly.

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